FBI RELEASES 58 PAGES OF HILLARY INTERVIEW! 15 Mobile Devices Are Missing! (Video)

This video shows some of the key excerpts as reported by Zerohedge and Comey’s announcement of his findings. I have attached the 47 page PDF and 11 page pdf below. The 1st PDF has most of what Comey’s findings contained. It is interesting to note that on page 9 of the second PDF Hillary actually blames her inability to recall things of significance on her brain injury and resulting blood clot. Guess there is no more denying that issue. The information also shows that there was a complete lack of any real attempt to keep the emails secure. Anyone and everyone could have hacked into her system and probably did. Also, we find out that 13 mobile devices and 2 ipads that were used to send emails are missing. FBI never found them. Supposedly they were thrown by her staff when they broke and she needed a new one. Hillary is toast after this release. She is mentally unfit to hold office. Trump is going to have a field day with this information. Link to Zerohedge article in video

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