ARE YOU READY FOR THE END GAME? […It’s Coming] — Andy Hoffman (Video)

Andy Hoffman is back to kick off September by helping us document the collapse. From 6.2 BILLION in PAPER Gold dumped on the futures market in just the past week to BREXIT 2 which Andy predicts is coming in November when Trump beats Hillary, the end game is coming into focus quickly.

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Tatiana Sinyukova
I don’t get it…. it’s Washington and it’s elite that push their interests above every other country and not other way around…. trump doesn’t get it… other countries suffered for decades from American imperialism and being robbed and invaded and killed … but Americans enjoyed the benefits of that and supported that goverment headed by criminals… it’s only now that their lives have become worse they are waking up…maybi it’s a case of . u get what u give… western countries lived good because of suffering in others . it’s time for pay back

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