Was BREXIT A Set Up?

Editor’s Note – This was originally penned the day of the BREXIT vote. I didn’t release it at that time as it seemed like the information was still very confused, as it has remained confused since. With a two year window before anything changes that leaves a lot of room for anything and everything to change.


Cameron’s instant-resignation was a dead give away. This was allowed to happen – everybody was thinking the vote would be “remain” and now the airwaves have been overflowing with brexit news since midnight London time – Friday – what’s happening in the background? what’s happening with the left hand as the right hand has the WORLDS undivided attention? If you think back to 2008 when Hank Paulson threatened us with “tanks in the streets and martial law” because of, yet, another lie. The lie at the time was the entire banking system would implode if we, the taxpayers of the U.S., didn’t fork over $750 billion. Turns out none of it was true. As has been proven by a multitude of sources what the Treasury Department stole from us was an estimated $15-$20 TRILLION and it was divided amongst banks around the world. Also, as John Titus, Best Evidence has proven, there was no crisis for main street, there was no reason for the Federal Reserve and Treasury to issue such dire warnings about how everything would fall apart. What would have happened is there would have been several large banks to have evaporated and the entire net worth would have went “poof” right before their eyes.

This same dynamic is how BREXIT played out and was sold to the world. But this time is slightly different in that Europe stood up these lies and manipulations and made the decision they would face the future outside the EU.

Here in the states the MSM told us the Friday morning the BREXIT vote was counted – a mere 6-8 hours after the BREXIT polls closed in London – that the typical retirement account should expect to LOSE $2,724 as a result of BREXIT? How did they know that specific number in such a short period of time? Why-Who would have been focused on U.S. retirement accounts as the WORLD’s economic and financial systems just shifted? seriously? FOREX, LIBOR, global trade and someone is focused in on retirement accounts in the US? seriously? Wreaks of a false flag.

It’s funny the MSM focused on the retirement accounts of the U.S. as that is one of the remaining large pools of wealth that has yet to be completely wiped out. These accounts have less value than most people understand – most large retirement accounts are 40-60% underfunded, Even being underfunded there is still a large pool of capital that can change hands. If you are still in the system you may want to reconsider that position.

If you remember we have been told over and over the globalist would make us so poor we would be unable to fight back [gun control and food shortages] – we have also been told the globalist will make our world so chaotic we will beg them for a solution and a new currency – enter BREXIT.

I have never wanted to be wrong so bad in my entire life. If this plays out even close to this description we are 100% screwed. The globalist lost on that fateful day and the people stood up. What is happening in the U.S., right now, is basically the same thing. The people of this country have a choice to make about the coming leadership change. Either the people can vote for a known liar, treasonous criminal and warmonger or they can vote for the unknown. We know all too well hitlery’s record and we have only glimpses of trumps background. Will the globalist get another black-eye or will they stand firm and push hitlery into the White House? If hitlery does occupy the White House next how will the trumpsters react? Will they roll over as they did when shrub stole the election from Gore? Will they stand up and stand united against this globalist cabal that hijacked our country so many decades ago? All of these questions will be answered in early November. In the mean time keep a look out for large scale military movement in your area. Also be watching for FEMA, UN or any other large scale movement by one of the known brownshirt organizations.



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