G20 and SDR Bond

Over the past several months a number of articles have been published regarding these items are going to the moon, the dollar is doomed or, my personal favorite, items will be unavailable creating chaos around the world. From where I stand this is nothing more than hyperbole and scare tactics.

Happily, the internet is still working and you can still access to The Daily Coin and whatever other websites you frequent throughout your day. No collapse, yet. I’m not sure that a collapse is on the horizon, however, with ICANN taking over the internet on October 1, 2016 it wouldn’t surprise me, at all, for us to begin seeing significant changes to the flow of information and more of a technological police state put into place within a few months. Who knows how long this project has been worked on and what mechanisms are in place now that will be rolled out on October 1. But, I digress.

There was an article released on Saturday August 20, 2016 and the material presented is another example of hype that is misleading and leaves the reader wanting for actual answers.

If you have been following The Daily Coin for the past several weeks you know that we have dedicated enormous time, resources and effort to digging into the new M-SDR Bond that will be released through China. This new financial instrument was approved by the World Bank to be issued through the IMF and the approval allows China to sell $2.8 billion (equivalent) of these new bonds. As we stated, on multiple occasions, these bonds will more than likely be snapped up by the Chinese banks with a possible exception of a few million dollars worth finding their way to a couple of other banks outside of China. This is speculation, however, it is based in research and the fact that most of the retail investment houses that would be potential customers are either not interested at all or are taking the wait-and-see stance. Make no mistake about it, these bonds are going to have a massive impact, just not within the next few weeks as has been eluded to in an article I read earlier today.

The IMF has been studying wether to allow gold into the SDR basket of currencies. The first study, to the best of our current knowledge, began in 2011. From all indications the IMF is searching high and low to find reasons to keep gold out of the SDR basket as gold is very restrictive to all money changers (read central banks that like to print excessive currency to create inflation and allow the government to spend unimpeded) and gold always exposes monetary shenanigans, like Quantitative Easing. Will gold be added to the SDR basket of currencies? If it happens, my best guess is not anytime soon. Of course, we have black swans circling the four corners of the earth which could change things at a moments notice.


There is nothing of substance and nothing that points to a particular document, public conversation or meeting that we can find and nothing to support gold being added the SDR basket of currencies – nothing. Are there private meetings with gold being discussed? It would be naive to believe this is not happening. It would also be naive to believe that gold will never be added to the SDR basket of currencies at the IMF, it’s just not out in the open.

The Meeting of the G20 is slated for September 4, 2016 and we will have up-to-date information regarding these meetings as quickly as possible. It’s the same day as the BLSBS will be released in the U.S.. Look for Shadow of Truth Market Update on Thursday September 3 to discuss what we find leading up to the meetings and we plan on having Larry White, Lone Star White House, return to The Daily Coin YouTube channel for a follow-up interview after the meetings.

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