Not Enough Inflation? Federal Reserve will Double its Balance Sheet by 4 Trillion?!

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St did a short video about how delusional the Federal Reserve is becoming with its Facebook page and a recent report the Federal Reserve released about doubling its balance sheet by $4 trillion to over $8 trillion when the next financial crisis comes! Also, San Francisco Federal Bank President John Williams is talking about inflation targeting.

Articles mentioned in the video:
1) goldsilver
2) ZeroHedge
3) Miles Franklin
4) Federal Reserve

Zero Hedge normally is about to find sources directly from central banks or Wall St investment banks themselves.

Andy Hoffman article says, “Heck, San Francisco Fed President John Williams started 2016 by predicting three-to-five rate hikes; but last week, advocated negative interest rates, a raising of the Fed’s 2% “inflation target,” and the targeting of nominal GDP as an official Fed policy!”

Please read the craziness SF Fed president president John Williams wrote last week!

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