Clinton Promises to Quit Breaking the Law if Elected

Hillary Clinton has all but stopped denying her abject criminality. In a bold statement, Clinton said that when she is elected President, she will stop taking foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has made numurous and plentiful contributions to her Presidential campaign. There is just one problem with this fact. It is a felony to take foreign contributions to run for President. However, it is ok, because she has promised to stop the practice once she is elected.

What kind of people could support this sort of socipathic criminality? Are Democrats just dumber than a box of rocks. Or, are Democrats so morally bankrupt, that they don’t care how many laws Hillary Clinton makes  mockery of? The Democratic party is the new American Communist party complete with all the intrigue, graft and corruption.

The DNC should be prosecuted under the RICO crime statutes. The sordid details are present in the following short video.

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Dave Hodges

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