What I Learned from the DNC

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Thank you!!! They were awesome weren’t they? So much more… the last seat filler ad was even more pathetic, specifically requesting minorities to wear certain dress and wave signs for her. You brought up the way Bernie suspended the proceedings and Hillary got the nomination, he did it in such a way that he did not release his delegates. It’s over my head but the idea is when she’s forced to leave the race-either for prison or health reasons (seizure disorder and advancing vascular dementia from that bump on her head), Bernie would be the person to fill her place (they will try to not allow that-but after the collusion and election fraud-what the delegates & protestors did at the DNC will be minor). You also noted the bruised gash on his face, that went along with threats. It’s known that there were threats to Senate committee seats. No telling what seriously bad ones may have occurred.

But unfortunately unless people are strong supporters of Bernie or searching for the truth, most are completely unaware and refuse to accept the truth, even with this evidence. They saw that pretty DNC “production” on TV. And believe Trump is a real threat. Though if I had money I would bet it all that he’s a plant. Act like a crazy man to scare people into voting for her. His history doesn’t back up any of the outrageous things he says. Only after 2008 & Tim Kaine is proof of how far back this whole thing goes. That was supposed to be Hillary’s turn, and when Obama got it…the deals and planning started. Trump could be criticizing her on many valid issues but he’s too busy making causing a ruckus. Look back and watch forward, everytime Hillary has a scandal, problem or anything negative? He says something completely asinine, not only missing the opportunity to criticize but also taking the heat off of her.

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