Trump Supporters SMASH The Mainstream Media!

“On April 10th my husband and I found out that our Colorado state GOP convention had resulted in all our state delegates bound to vote for Ted Cruz. As Trump supporters, we were shocked and angered. Late that night, with my husband’s courage and my millennial know-how, we created a website calling for a protest of the Colorado GOP and the rigged system that silenced the will of the voters.”

“The next day, our website was linked on Drudge Report and what resulted was the most exciting, terrifying, and life-changing week of our lives. We spend the next couple days doing interviews for national and local media. Our interactions with the media were interesting to say the least, as they never seemed to know how to report on intelligent, educated, upper-middle class Trump supporters.”

“The reaction from our family and friends was also amusing and revealing. Some of our most conservative family members were critical while some of the most liberal were supportive.”

“The protest we held on April 15th was a success. It reinforced the evidence that there were political forces at work to suppress the will of the people. Donald Trump himself wrote an editorial the day before the protest deriding the “election” that occurred without voters.”

“It has been difficult dealing with the feeling of exposure that has come with national media attention. Do you have any advice for maintaining our courage to speak up for a righteous cause as time goes on?”


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Stefan Molynueux

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