Full Spectrum Survival: Urban Preparedness – Survive and Thrive

Full Spectrum Survival: Urban Preparedness – Survive and Thrive by Rory – The Daily Coin

As regular readers of The Daily Coin know there is no shortage of life altering situations that we face every day. From natural disasters, like Sandy Super Storm, Katrina or the swarm of tornados that blew through both Alabama and Missouri. These are real situations that could knock on our door at any time.

Then you have situations that are much more extreme and pose an entirely different set of circumstances and needs. Situations like what is currently happening in Venezuela, Syria and with the refugees engulfing Europe. All of these various scenarios have happened or are happening and could very easily happen in our neighborhood. How we react could mean the difference between surviving, thriving, living or dying.

With well over 70% of the American population living in urban areas it is important to continually focus on how to prepare for this particular environment. No offense to the people living in rural areas it’s just a question of helping the most people possible. People that live in rural areas already have, somewhat, of a built-in preparedness mindset. If you live in a rural area more than likely you already have a little extra on hand in the way of food, medication and various other life sustaining necessities.

Brad, Full Spectrum Survival, stopped by to help us get started on maneuvering through an urban area in the event of a natural disaster or man made event. The work Brad has done over the years provides him with highly detailed information on every aspect of how to protect yourself, your family and others that truly need help within the city limits.

As you will hear Brad has painstakingly walked through every step needed to get us out of our house and on the move in a way that keeps everyone together and traversing to a safe area where we can come together and take the next step.

Brad and I liked doing this so much that is going to be an ongoing series at both The Daily Coin and Full Spectrum Survival. This series will be one that will document the joys, the dangers and how to thrive during extremely stressful situations. The goal is to live, not just survive. If I am just surviving I would rather “pull the plug” and move to whatever comes next. Surviving doesn’t seem like anything I want to be a part of and the goal of this series is help each of us be able to get to higher ground, intact, and ready, if necessary, to begin a new life.

Give this a good listen and be on the look out for other in this series. We hope you learn something, share something and pose a great many questions to yourself and your community.

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