Independent Polls Give Trump Massive Lead. Michael Rivero

YT Comment


Regarding Hillary Clinton’s health, I have one word: Neurosyphilis! Contracted from her syphilitic husband! Dementia paralytica occurs approximately 20-30 years after the initial exposure to the syphilis bacterium. The onset of psychiatric symptoms of general paresis can be insidious, first noticed by family and friends rather than the patient. These include loss of ambition at work (zero accomplishments as First Lady, Senator, and Sec of State), memory lapses, irritability, unusual giddiness (“We came, we saw, he died!”), apathy (“What difference does it make?”), withdrawal, and a decline in attention to personal affairs. Later, patients may present with mental changes simulating schizophrenia, euphoric mania, paranoia, toxic psychosis, or presenile dementias. Presenile dementia is most common, manifesting with depression, confusion, and severe impairment of memory and judgment. Unfit!


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