August 4, 2016

Reince Priebus
Republican National Committee
P.O. Box 96994
Washington DC 20090-6994

RE: 2016 Congressional District Census

Dear Mr. Priebus:

I recently received from you a plea – your second notice – that I complete and return the survey of my views on current issues in the United States. My views would help the party develop a campaign strategy for the important weeks ahead.

I recently dropped my registration in the Republican Party, so my opinions are irrelevant to your survey. I do, however, hope that the views expressed in this note will be of help.

I have been a registered Republican since 1969. As I have gotten older and wiser, it has become apparent to me that the GOP is the second head (a donkey represents the other) of a creature that is run by wealthy, powerful, and evil entities which have gained control of nearly every institution and business in this country. Oh, the heads squabble dramatically for the voters, and are fairly successful in convincing us that they really have a different agenda for the future, but the charade is wearing thin. The emperor’s clothes are fading away. Enter Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, offering some truth that the powers-that-be find intolerable. I understand that none of this is news to you.

I cannot in good conscience support the Republican Party any longer. The attempts by a number of party leaders to undermine the primary process and otherwise derail the instincts of the voters who favor Mr. Trump is the last straw in a decades-long growing frustration with the apparent impotence of the Republicans. No impact on the progressive agenda as it has unfolded, even now, after nearly two years of control of the House and Senate, must lead to the inescapable conclusion that the GOP is cooperating with that agenda. I am done with being lied to by party leaders.

As some leaders of the GOP have started expressing preference for Hillary Clinton over Mr. Trump, their true allegiance to the aforementioned powers rather than the American people becomes obvious. Their self-righteous condemnation of Trump’s views and persona only strengthen his popularity, because a lot of people, like me, are no longer impressed by anything these people have to say and assume the opposite must be true. I am always amused by complaints that Mr. Trump is a boorish, clumsy speaker. How many smooth-talking politicians have screwed over the American people during the past 50 years? I offer up our current president as a prime example, and I regret that Paul Ryan falls in the same category.

These are difficult times for our country and the world. It would help if there existed a political party that actually possessed a modicum of integrity and would actually fight for a healthy economy and a foreign policy that was based on some sort of realistic assessment of America’s place in the world. I suggest the reform of the GOP into an organization that actually pursues the values it espouses would change everything.


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