After the Collapse: Anarchy

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Strelok 762
A lot of people will lose their minds if this happens,Even your average middle class person ,Just think. You won’t have your car anymore,No more going out to eat,No more outings with friends & family,No more vacations,No more cell phones to play on,No movies,No showers the list goes on.

Preppers at least have the idea that this could happen and will fare much better. The rest of the masses are going to be running around like chickens with their heads cut off having panic attacks,They are going to go ape s*it and trust me,Your next door neighbor who you think is a sweet person will kill you deader then a hammer in a second if they find out you have something they want. Think of that Twilight Zone episode where the guy has the Fall out shelter and his friends are like savages trying to get in,Except in reality it will be much worse than that.

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