Just the Facts…About the Blood Soaked War Dollar

I don’t know about you, but the list of war toys that DARPA is working on makes one think. How much longer do we engage a nonexistent enemy? Remind me again why we are in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Libya and God only knows where else? Why are we there? What is the purpose? Who is the enemy? Where is the enemy?

If you would like to see the United States continue these war campaigns please volunteer and get to the nearest war zone. If you are for the United States entering into any more unConstitutional wars please volunteer yourself and your children to go and fight. Please take along, for your protection, the so-called “representative”, and their entire family, who voted for more war or to continue the world wide war campaign. Otherwise, you must be against more war or continuing the current world wide wars the United States is engaged. If you are for war, shutdown your computer, right now, and get to the nearest recruiting center before the end of the day. Otherwise, you must be against more war. Those are the only two options. If you are for war and don’t pick up a rifle and go fight, then what does that make you? A coward, a hypocrite, an accessory to murder or something else? What is your role in these wars – why would you be for more war? To “spread democracy”? What if the country doesn’t want democracy? To spread “freedom”? Let’s start at home and spread some freedom around here and dismantle all the cameras at every traffic intersection throughout the country, stop the illegal searches for entering a football stadium, shut down the NSA, DHS and de-fund the militarized police state. What do you say about that? How’s that for spreading “freedom”?!

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America spends more on its military than THE NEXT 15 COUNTRIES COMBINED
By 2033 the U.S. will be paying $59 billion a year to its veterans injured in the wars
The yearly cost of stationing one soldier in Iraq could feed 60 American families.
The pentagon budget consumes 80% of individual income tax revenue
The Pentagon spends more on war than all 50 states combined spend on health, education, welfare, and safety

Active projects of DARPA which will change the future are :
4MM 4-minute mile: Wearable jetpack to enable soldiers to run at increased speed.
Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System formerly TX: Cargo carrying UAV.
“Aircraft Carriers in the Sky”: Using large manned aircraft to launch and recover small UAVs.
ACTUV: A project to build an unmanned Anti-submarine warfare vessel.
Adaptive Execution Office: AEO provides the agency with robust connections to the war fighter community and assists the agency with the planning and execution of technology demonstrations and field trials to promote adoption by the war fighter.
Air Dominance Initiative: Developmental technologies to be used in sixth-generation jet fighters.
Atlas: A humanoid robot.
Battlefield Illusion
Big Mechanism: Cancer research
BlockADE: Rapidly constructed barrier.
Boeing X-37
Boomerang – mobile shooter detection system: an acoustic gunfire locator developed by BBN Technologies for detecting snipers on military combat vehicles.
Captive Air Amphibious Transporter
Clean-Slate Design of Resilient, Adaptive, Secure Hosts CRASH, a TCTO initiative
Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System
Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment CODE: Modular software architecture for UAVs to pass information to each other in contested environments to identify and engage targets with limited operator direction.
Combat Zones That See: “track everything that moves” in a city by linking up a massive network of surveillance cameras
Computational Weapon Optic CWO: Computer rifle scope that combines various features into one optic.
DARPA XG: technology for Dynamic Spectrum Access for assured military communications
Experimental Spaceplane 1: first stage of a reusable space transport
Gremlins: Air-launched and recoverable UAVs with distributed capabilities to provide low-cost flexibility over expensive multirole platforms.
Ground X-Vehicle Technology

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