FULL Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida (7-27-16) Donald Trump Florida Rally Speech

TDC Note – If you only watch the first 3-4 minutes of this Press Conference you will come away with at least one very important question.

Watch Live: Donald Trump Rally in Doral, Florida at Trump National Doral in the Crystal Ballroom (July 27, 2016) – Full Speech: Donald Trump Delivers Remarks in Doral, FL (7-27-16) – Donald Trump Live Event from Doral, Florida

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l lemons
Better titled: “Donald Trump’s blockbuster Press Conference in Doral, FL”
Wow, talk about taking the shark tank head on… Trump waded into that feeding frenzy with a knife in his teeth and showed beyond question who is best swimmer in THAT pool! There was PLENTY of blood in the water, but NONE of it was Trump’s.
He doesn’t deflect the Press rhetoric, he embraces it, repackages it, and slams it right back through their shark teeth deep into their gullets!

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