Operation Mockingbird In Support of Hillary Clinton

If you still believe the mainstream media doesn’t work together and offer us a planned strategy then someone please explain this to me.

How is it possible for all these so-called “news agencies” to deliver, basically, the same verbiage across the spectrum? Who devised this plan and for what purpose? Where did the same message originate?

As we have reported on a number of occasions all mainstream media outlets, TeeVee, radio, cable, print newspapers and online sources are owned by six corporations. The presidents/CEO’s of these six corporations could have a casual dinner party and no one would even notice. We are talking about six people sitting around a dinner table at their favorite restaurant discussing what we will receive in the way of major “news” events. If you don’t believe me, please review the talking points listed below.


The mainstream media will have you believe that sources, like The Daily Coin, and a great many others, are nothing more than a hotbed of theories. Rest assured we all do the very best we can to expose these liars, thieves and criminals at all levels and this is why you are taught, just like above, to swallow what they are selling. As long as people continue buying the lie, the lie will continue to be sold.

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