Every Week Gets More Orwellian…

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I agree with most, if not everything you said, however.. while the overall percentage of police shooting victims is technically higher for whites, the amount of blacks is higher if adjusted for their percentage of the population, meaning if you take into account blacks make up only 13% of the population however accounted for 24% of victims in 2015,and that whites made up 62% of the population and were victims 49% of the time, and if you do the math, blacks are still 2.5x more likely to be killed by police, statistically. And it isn’t exactly a secret that racism is systemic our police departments, that minorities are more likely to be harassed or stopped and frisked or targeted by law enforcement in general.

That’s not to say whites aren’t also routinely victimized by police, because they are, certainly, and this is a problem everyone should be concerned.

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