Dr. Stephen Leeb & Chris Waltzek


  • Dr. Stephen Leeb, best selling author and head of The Complete Investor returns to the show. 
  • He outlines his soon to be released magnum opus on gold, destined to be his 8th bestseller. 
  • According to Dr. Leeb, gold must regain its rightful status as the currency backing asset of choice, even the US dollar will eventually carry gold weighting. 
  • While various US gold stockpiles, such as Fort Knox may or may not contain the reported 8,000-10,000 tons of the yellow metal, Dr. Leeb speculates that China may hold up to 10 times the reported 3,000-4,000 ton total. 
  • If his thesis is correct, it gives the nation a huge strategic advance in the coming years. 
  • It’s not too late for US officials to follow their lead, by adding to gold reserves in anticipation of negative US interest rates. 
  • The discussion includes the Metropolitan Plan, a plan by the elite to return the Dollar to a gold standard, resembling a reverse-Jeckyl Island meeting. 
  • US officials must return to the methods of the nation’s early success by investing infrastructure, building hydroelectric plants, etc.
  • China may have $9 trillions in unaccounted for reserves, much of which may have already been invested in gold assets; potentially ranging from 20,000 tons to much of the global excess supply. 
  • Dr. Leeb urges US authorities to invest heavily in rare earths mining / production to secure a competitive edge and create entire new industries / jobs. 
  • Research and development (R&D) leads to decades of economic growth / productive, new industries and jobs.


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