“HD” Rudy Giuliani @ the RNC Convention

TDC Note –

When Giuliani was announced as the next speaker my stomach turned. As he began to speak I knew why.

This was one of the scarier speeches during the convention. The overall theme of the night was “Make America Safe, Again”. Replete with signs, chanting and a never ending “America is the greatest…” rhetoric.

I have seen, this morning, several references to “Giuliani’s passion” “Giuliani give fiery speech” and the list goes on. What I heard was a person describing a police state on steroids. Embracing your master and licking his boot, I mean, respecting his authority. Of course, it was “balanced” with how the gangs in blue are going to suddenly respect us as humans and not see us a target or an ATM.

All-in-all Giuliani’s speech was slightly more tame than Sheriff David Clark – still waiting for his speech to be posted – as Sheriff Clark made it very clear the police state would be rolled out in spades as soon as Trump is elected. Giuliani was passionate, he was loud and the crowd responded in the way one would expect – with glee, cheering and acceptance of every word spoken. After all, he did “save New York from the terrorist attack on 9/11”, right?

You have to really listen to the words and put them in context of our world today. The words he uses, which I feel confident most were written for him, are intended to give us a sense of safety that only the government can provide. Well, I don’t need the governments protection nor do I wish to have it foisted upon me or my family or my community. If we start with the rule of law and apply it equally, then the need for this out of control militarized police would no longer exist.

Trump, as I have been saying for a couple of months, is a trojan horse. If by some twist of fate he is actually allowed to occupy the White House it will not be the Presidency that most believe will happen. There will be some changes, but the police state will, in my opinion – whoever occupies the White House next – is going to become even more brutal, more vicious and the people are going to cheer. That is to say, the people that are not being attacked.

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