Vote Nobody 2016

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Problem is a vote for nobody is a vote for Hitlery Clinton. No one should stand for that! I’m not gonna be counted amongst her supporters or be guilty of her getting into the Whitehouse, I have enough to answer for on Judgement Day. Besides, I like just about everything Trump stands for and he’s the first presidential candidate that I’ve ever seen map out detailed plans how to achieve his goals. He doesn’t flip flop, he’s an insider, knows how the game is played, yet not one of them, he isn’t a politically correct professional paid liar and I believe he actually wants to bring this country back to prosperity. YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT, THAT’S BEEN PROVEN, AND YOUR NO VOTE IS A VOTE FOR HITLARY, VOTE TRUMP 2016!!!
Sorry but that was the plan all along. Watch my video from last year… source

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Chris Duane

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