The Incirlik Agenda — What’s Really Going On Behind Closed Doors Between the U.S. and Turkey?

It’s the Monday morning following a failed coup d’etat in Turkey, and apparently the less the mainstream media reports about what’s really going on at Incirlik Air Force Base, which hosts more B61 tactical nuclear bombs than any other single American installation in Europe, the better. This story about lax security surrounding U.S./NATO nuclear weapons in Belgium and historically at Incirlik AFB from The New Yorker published on Sunday, is the exception to the media blackout that proves the rule. Nobody’s talking and few servicemen want to talk on their Facebook or Twitter feeds about what’s been happening the last few days at the strategic NATO air base.

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Very Little Information Breaking Through Incirlik AFB News Blackout

Very Little Information Breaking Through Incirlik AFB News Blackout

Another reason for Erdogan’s wrath at Incirlik: ‘confessing’ coup soldiers reveal WhatsApp was used to communicate by the plotters, meaning NSA/GCHQ’s ‘5Eyes’ listening post at the NATO base almost certainly caught wind of the coup before it was underway via the NSA’s backdoors into the App

While there’s no indication that any gunfire or explosions happened at the base which were falsely reported over the weekend, there’s also no report that the electricity has been restored as of 7:00 a.m. local time Monday after being cut off by the ‘local authorities’. Since Incirlik has been a NATO base since 1952 and is one of the largest American installations in Europe, there’s no shortage of backup or generator power for vital functions, and no indication that food trucks have stopped rolling in or that there isn’t enough water for bathing or drinking. But we still don’t know when American and other NATO personnel at the base will be unrestricted and free to leave the base grounds strategically located close to the Mediterranean and the ‘Syraq’ area of operations (AO).

Turkish police carried out the arrest of Incirlik’s Turkish commander, Brigadier Gen.Bekir Ercan Van, as well as ten soldiers and one police chief also based in the Adana area. That may well have been the condition for the lock down, which was rumored to be linked to Erdogan’s demand that the U.S. extradite fugitive cleric Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, a longtime CIA asset living in the Philadelphia suburbs of Pennsylvania. Thus far Secretary of State John Kerry has been non-committal about Ankara’s demands and Erdogan loyalists statements that any government harboring Gulen cannot be considered friendly to Turkey.

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