Baton Rouge Has False Flag Written All Over It

isn’t it interesting that Nice, Orlando, Paris, Brussels Dallas, Baton Rouge all happened within months of each other? This is no coincidence. This is an orchestrated plan to destroy Western civilization. This article focuses on the false flag elements of Baton Rouge, but it could be written about any of the above and contrived false flag events.

Baton Rouge

Tragically, three Baton Rouge officers have been gunned down. This corresponds to a false flag warning issued last week by The Common Sense Show, in which Shreveport and Baton Rouge were mentioned as possible targets for a false flag attack upon police officers.

One week ago yesterday, I published the following email from a nurse in Baton Rouge. I also issued a strong a warning for a possible false flag in Shreveport and expanded the warning to Baton Rouge with the following email and other information sent to The Common Sense Show.


Dated July 10, 2016


I have listened to your show since you were on RBN and you seem to be frequently ahead of the curve on many of these issues. However,  I have a piece of information that you could not be aware of. I am a nurse in Baton Rouge and I am aware that we are receiving massive amounts of shipments of blood that could be used for transfusions and we are also receiving a lot of pain medication. I lived through Katrina and we did not see this kind of spike.  I feel that something big is about to happen.  Do you have any information that could confirm my suspicions? Please keep my name out of any report you make because I am aware of what happened to one of the trauma nurses in the Batman shootings when she was questioning the accuracy of the police reports based on what she saw in the operating room.

And now it is has happened.

Mainstream Media and Baton Rouge

From Channel TV 2 News in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE – Two Baton Rouge Police officers and one East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office deputy are dead following a Sunday morning shooting on Airline Highway.

Another three officers have been reported wounded, but the extent of those injuries has yet to be made available.

Authorities have confirmed that one suspect is dead while two others remain at large. Law enforcement encouraged any citizens who see anything suspicious to contact police as soon as possible. Residents were encouraged to stay indoors until the remaining suspects are in custody.”…

Please note that the TV station is stating that “others remain at large“. However, as the official narrative kicks in, of course it is a lone gunman and he is dead and can tell no tales.

…”We believe that the person who shot and killed our officers that he was the person that was shot and killed at the scene,” said LSP’s Col. Mike Edmonson…

This has false flag written all over it with the confusion over the details and the number of gunman involved. Same as Dallas, second verse.

Our collective thoughts and prayers go out to officers involved, their families and the communities and we do not wish to capitalize on this grief. However, this is going to keep happening until we expose the truth for all to see.

Previous Warnings Delivered to The Common Sense Show

In addition to the Baton Rouge/Shreveport false flagwarning that I issued just over a week ago, I wrote an article last week in which I detailed how UN backed MS-13 has been deliberately let into the country.And what does MS-13 do? They murder police officers for the drug cartels.


I do not care how many young black males, complete with their manifestos, proclaiming intent, are trotted out for the cameras for crimes such as these murders of the three police officers, not far behind will be MS-13 and other groups such as the New Black Panthers and groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Did you notice that this black shooter was also a Muslim? It is one combined effort being coordinated by George Soros and the UN.

DO NOT BELIEVE THESE FAIRY TALES THAT FOLLOW THE SAME SCRIPT EACH AND EVERY TIME.  IF MS-13 IS INVOLVED,  AS I BELIEVE THEY ARE, THE UN IS AT THE ROOT OF THIS AND I COVERED THIS IN THIS PREVIOUS ARTICLE. However, BLM, or MS-13, the intent is the same, the elite want to start a race war. The main perpetrator is George Soros and his empire of thugs that he represents. Soros, the former Nazi collaborator, represents the interests of the criminal elite who want to destroy America.

It is time to call “Bravo Sierra” on these false flag events. The globalists are coming after our guns, our liberties and our lives and they are starting a race to achieve these objectives.

I had three separate guests on my talk show last night, Dr. Ted Broer, survivalist expert Bob Griswold and Paul Martin. All three men said basically the same thing. We could go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow under martial law in the midst of a collapsing economy.

We cannot stop what is about to happen, but we can prepare ourselves to survive. This is why I recommend the following vendors. If you don’t have food (Numana) and water and water preparation (Ready Made Resources), precious metals (Renaissance Precious Metals), and guns and ammunition (private off the books sales), you are putting your family at risk.

In the meantime, it looks like the New Black Panthers,, Black Live Matter and MS-13 are combining forces. This is information I just received, but I believe it to be reliable. I am also seeing some confirming evidence at Info Wars on this topic. My fear is that the coalescing of these groups is happening just in time for the RNC in Cleveland. The potential violence that could come out of the RNC could produce country changing events and for this reason, my family concluded by the start of the RNC. Further, there is something else that everyone needs to mindful of. Both Paul Martin’s sources and my sources say the same thing. Where you are when martial law starts is where you will stay. Wherever you travel, you better make sure you can get home. Martial law is locked and cocked.

In the meantime, any attack upon any American police officer must be considered as an attack from the UN upon the people of the United States.


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