Andy Hoffman’s latest audio blog as produced and hosted by our friends at SilverFarm.

SilverFarm is the place for all the great content on-the-go. Mike converts a number of your favorite YouTubers into MP3 so you can stay current on all the important news of the day.

Some of the YTers he converts to MP3 are: Corbett Report, Silver Doctors, Andy Hoffman, TFMetals Report, The Daily Coin and Shadow of Truth – just to name a few – Plus a great many more that you will find published, in video form, here at The Daily Coin.

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Where the very best audio gets planted! You can find all of The Daily Coin, Shadow of Truth, TFMetals Report and Andy Hoffman's audio works - plus a great many more - all on MP3 for on-the-go updates of the news you need.