The Erdogan Purge Begins

his morning, the world leapt one step closer to lifting the hijab from the face of that “breakaway civilization,” that Fascist International cartel that was reborn out of the old Nazi network. In the aftermath of yesterday’s poorly executed coup attempt against Turkey’s President Erdogan, we see this morning that “local authorities” have shut down access to Incirlik Air Base and cut off power to it. Ostensibly this unprecedented move was taken by Turkish authorities to complete “anti-coup” operations at the base, where some of the servicemen are suspected of supporting the failed Friday military uprising. Mind you: the “coup” had already been squelched by Erdogan’s loyalists last night. So there wasn’t any question about securing the base as if the insurrection were still in progress.

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, By Camera Operator: MSGT PATRICK NUGENT [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, By Camera Operator: MSGT PATRICK NUGENT [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Stars-And-Stripes corroborated that announcement and hastened to reassure the public that no threats nor attempts at a seizure of the base have been made by Erdogan’s administration in these words: (linked here)

“There was not chaos at this base,” said EUCOM spokesman Navy Capt. Danny Hernandez, describing conditions at Incirlik. “All our assets in Turkey are fully under control and there was no attempt to challenge that status.”

Given that the base has moved to DELTA — the highest level of security, all U.S. personnel are restricted to Incirlik by U.S. order, Hernandez said.

While there have been reports that Incirlik has been surrounded by authorities, limiting the movement of U.S. personnel, Hernandez said that is not the case.

“We are already at DELTA, which makes security thicker,” said Hernandez, who added base officials were working to restore commercial power on base.

Measures were being taken to ensure the safety of personnel operating out of Turkey, Cook said. “We continue our efforts to fully account for all Department of Defense personnel in Turkey. All indications at this time are that everyone is safe and secure,” Cook said. “We will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of our servicemembers, our civilians, their families and our facilities.”

Whew! That’s a relief. For a minute there, it looked like Erdogan was casting suspicious eyes towards either American or NATO forces for trying to knock him off his perch yesterday.

Oh wait, that IS what the government of Turkey then proceeded to claim! According to this Sputnik article posted today, a Turkish minister accused the US authorities of organizing the July 15th military coup attempt: (linked here)

Turkish Labor Minister Süleyman Soylu claimed that Washington is behind the attempted coup in Turkey.

“The US is behind the coup attempt. A few journals that are published there [in the US] have been conducting activities for several months. For many months we have sent requests to the US concerning Fethullah Gulen. The US must extradite him,” he said.

So what is going on? It is important to get to the truth of whatever is happening at Incirlik because that base is one of six that houses a nuclear arsenal. In fact, it houses the largest nuclear storage facility in Europe! (per this link.)

Wait, what was that name mentioned by Soylu? “Fethullah Gulen”? Who is that guy? Muhammed Fethullah Gulen is a Moslem cleric and supposed “scholar” who is fabulously wealthy and lives in Pennsylvania under the protection of his CIA “guardian angels,” according to a long-running historical train of research written by Sibel Edmonds at his blog site. (linked here) Sibel writes:

Fethullah Gulen per website research shown below.

Fethullah Gulen per website research shown below.

The Controversial Muslim preacher has now extended his tentacles into schools in the United States, where he controls and operates more than 100 charter schools within a calculatively set up maze of dubious NGOs. Fethullah Gulen, whose organizations’ net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $22 billion and $50 billion, owns and operates over three hundred Madrasas around the world, including Pakistan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus….

The Turkish Fethullah Gülen movement is really an Islamic fundamentalist group, claims Rotterdam council member Anita Fähmel (Leefbaar Rotterdam) on the basis of her own study of the Turkish movement….

Here is a Turkish Muslim preacher who fled Turkey after his alleged intentions to replace the secular government with one based on Sharia laws were exposed. He comes to the US, settles here, and starts taking advantage of our vastly and overly used nonprofit laws to build his network of dubious NGOs. Meanwhile he continues to expand his network of Madrasas and related businesses overseas-Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, etc.

After years of investigating him the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, due to his guardian angels in the State Department and the CIA, are prevented from bringing an indictment against him, so they try to kick him out of the US. But once again Gulen’s CIA angels step in and portray Gulen as a scholar, despite the fact that Fethullah Gulen doesn’t even have a high-school diploma and never went beyond the  5th grade. Among his angels who vouched for him were Graham Fuller, George Fidas, and Morton Abramowitz.

With his proven immunity Gulen accelerates his operations in the US, and now with a minimum $20 billion worth of operations and front organization he is the largest US charter school operator. Not only that, while American teachers are finding it much harder to obtain jobs, Gulen’s network, thanks to their closeted State Department ties, have been securing US work visas for Turkish and Turkic Republic citizens over there to come and teach at their charter schools here in the US. Some very interesting documented data on Gulen-based work visas provided to the Turkic individuals overseas here.

And here comes the most important question: Why is Gulen trying so very hard to deny his intimate ties to his organizations’ US charter school empire?

Several dozen American teachers from Gulen’s charter schools have formed a coalition to expose the organizations’ documented ties to Gulen and other nefarious activities. A few groups have set up websites to provide information and exposés on this issue, since the mainstream media hasn’t been giving it deserved coverage.

Readers of Joseph Farrell’s recent book on Rogue Networks tied to 9/11 may have just pricked their ears upon reading the above comments. That sounds eerily familiar when we remember that the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft was the financial sponsor of 9/11 patsy Mohamed Atta, a sponsorship dispensed in part through so-called “flight schools.”

Also it should remind us that the old German Nazis used Islamic fundamentalism as a weapon of destabilization for decades. In fact, pre-Nazi Germany was using it in the 1800’s to stir up Middle East tension against the rising Anglo-American hegemony back when Mid-East oil fields were being explored. We wrote about this here at RM in our blog “Jihad Made in Germany.” (linked here)

Then our favorite moment of the morning arrived when the Mayor of Ankara revealed that a PARALLEL STATE exists whose purpose is to destabilize the relationship between Turkey and Russia and that the cleric Gulen is in league with it. The mayor even blamed last November’s shoot-down of the Russian pilots on this same rogue state! Now if that doesn’t smack of Joseph Farrell’s “Fascist International,” or “breakaway civilization,” or Tatyana Koryagina’s “super-state,” I don’t know what else does.

As reported by Sputnik, Mayor Gokcek said: (linked here)

It was the ‘parallel state’ that has deteriorated our relations with Russia. It was an incident, in which one of the pilots of this structures has participated, I guarantee it. He was one of the coup’s participants. We have not voiced it until now. But I, Melih Gokcek, say that our relations have been deteriorated by these villains,” Gokcek said, as quoted by CNN Turk.

He added that the “parallel state” intended to isolate Turkey in the international arena.

Relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated when the Russian Su-24 attack aircraft was shot on November 24, 2015, by a Turkish fighter near the Turkish border in Syria.

Therefore, dear reader, where does that leave us? As of this moment, these things are happening:

1. Incirlik Air Base is under control of local Turkish authorities as they supposedly weed out perpetrators of yesterday’s coup who lurk there in the midst of American servicemen.

2. Local authorities are blaming some rogue “parallel state” with connections to cleric Fethullah Gulen for shooting down those Russian pilots — an act for which Erdogan long claimed he was blameless until just a couple of weeks ago — AND for initiating the coup against President Erdogan yesterday.

3. Fethullah Gulen lives in Pennsylvania as a multi-billionaire whose wealth derives from running a network of charter schools bent on promoting Islamic fundamentalism in the USA. He has been protected from extradition to Turkey by his CIA guardian angels.

4. Erdogan has squarely blamed Washington for the coup in that Obama’s administration has refused to extradite Gulen.

“To summarize: a President who believes that America just tried to oust him from power is now limiting the functionality of the US air base that holds Europe’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and is blaming a “parallel state” for destabilizing Turkey’s relationship with Russia and having the resources and ability to incite the crash of a Russian Su-24.

— Bankster Slayer
But NATO says there’s nothing to worry about. The Turks are reasonable people, right?

By the way, you don’t suppose Erdogan, knowing full well that the Bushista CIA and their ISIS Jihadis might not be too thrilled with his pivot towards Putin, would have staged his own coup, or hijacked Gulen’s coup, just so he could declare a moral justification at purging his government of said Fascist International vermin, as depicted in the photo above? Would Putin derive any benefit from that, like, getting NATO off his back, or better yet, retreat into the dustpan of history as all of Eurasia begins coming together in a new, uber-powerful trade alliance?

Nah …. Or maybe you’d like to hear Joseph P. Farrell’s analysis of that very possibility? See here:

In closing, many thanks to Richard C. Hoagland and the Other Side Of Midnight team and panel for inviting me to participate in the spirited discussion of these Turkey Coup events last night! Let’s keep sharpening our powers of discernment. (OSOM linked here.) We’re certain that the Turkey coup attempt is just one movement of the opening act of the Summer of Chaos.


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