Americans need to understand that virtually nothing of importance that is shown on mainstream media programming is real or factual.

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All major events are scripted or are covered with a massive propaganda bias.

This shouldn’t be news to anyone who is paying attention.

According to Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winning journalist, CNN is routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report on certain events.

I’ve personally met with the White House Press Corp who told me that they are actors not journalists.

And the CIA has admitted to using the mainstream media for propaganda purposes:

David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer, and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence and former CIA clandestine services case officer, said this:

Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.

Yet so many still consider what is reported by the mainstream media to be factual information. Even some so-called alternative media parrot and report on what they announce, often calling it “The Truth About…”… but it’s not the truth, at all.

Even when there is plenty of proof of media like CNN completely faking their “news”:

It is incredibly important that people realize this because the “elites” use the mainstream media and numerous false flag events to further their agendas. They use it to cause fear, divide the population and distract from far more nefarious acts.

Recently, in Dallas, a number of police officers were reported to have been shot by a sniper at a Black Lives Matter rally.

Within 24 hours, our research team had already uncovered plenty of evidence that it was not a lone gunman in Dallas (deja vu or on purpose?).

Here is the evidence.


There were no shots fired from the garage in the initial melee

Dallas police Chief David Brown stated that Micah Johnson, the alleged lone gunman, was killed with a bomb-carrying robot on the 2nd floor of the Bank of America Parking Plaza, which is south of Main Street from the El Centro College complex.

Many media reports have tended to focus on the garage as the source of the shooting, but this is highly misleading. All of the initial gunfire, which happened just before 9:00 PM, in fact came from Lamar Street where a man parked an SUV and began shooting with what was reported to be an SKS rifle. There were no shots from the garage at this time.

Multiple angles from various pieces of amateur footage allow for the location of the shooter to be determined.

The first vantage point (red V1 in image above) was taken from a parking lot looking northwest towards the intersection of Lamar and Main. Squad cars which had been parked at that intersection for the protests can be seen, along with officers who have been struck and are lying on the pavement. Notice that the one officer is ducking behind his car to shield himself from bullets travelling south along Lamar.

Another vantage point, V3, was taken from the 2nd level of the Bank of America Parking Plaza, the same level where Micah Johnson is alleged to have been bombed by police. Once again you can see the same squad cars and officers ducking from gunfire which is originating from behind the SUV. In the video, you can see the gunman step out from behind the SUV, fire several shots for cover, and then duck behind a pillar of the El Centro College building.

In a cell phone video someone with a room at the Crown Plaza Hotel captured the gunman from another angle. From this vantage point, V2, the gunman can be seen using a pillar for cover and firing shots southward towards the squad cars shown in V1 and V3. You can also see the same SUV parked near the gunman which was filmed from V3.

What this shows is that all of the initial gunfire came from the man with the SUV, which was allegedly registered to Delphine Johnson, Micah Johnson’s mother. If there had been a gunman in the garage, which is south of Main Street behind all of the officers ducking for cover, they would have been easy targets.

At another point in the video from V1 (blue V1 pointing more northward) officers can be seen ducking behind the Bank of America sign for cover. That sign lies on the southwest side of the property of the Bank of America tower which is north of Main Street and east of the El Centro College building across Lamar Street.

From yet another vantage point, V4, officers can be seen huddled on the southwest side of the El Centro College building. The video was taken from just in front of the Bank of America Parking Plaza looking north across Main street.

All of these videos make it clear that no shots came from the parking garage in the initial melee. All of these positions would have been completely exposed to a gunman in the Bank of America Parking Plaza garage. As we will see, this is important because it means Micah Johnson, if he is indeed the gunman seen next to the SUV firing southward, would have had to get across Main Street and into the garage.

The gunman enters El Centro College

In the video from the 2nd vantage point, V2, the gunman can be seen killing an officer point blank and then running around the El Centro College building to the north side which faces Elm Street. He ducks behind the middle pillar briefly, but then runs westward before turning left down a passageway which leads to an entrance of the El Centro college.

Part 1. b2 - The entrace to El Centro taken by SUV gunman

El Centro president, Jose Adams, said the gunman shot out locked glass doors inside the building. An El Centro security guard also captured footage in which you can hear shots ringing out which sound as if they are coming from inside the building. In the video the security guard encounters police who have entered looking for the gunman.

Part 1. b3 - Broken glass to get through locked doors in El Centro

In addition to that, two glass windows were broken above the loading dock area of El Centro which faces north across Elm Street. These windows never would have been exposed to any gunfire from the garage nor could they have been hit by the bullets being exchanged along Lamar between the gunman and police when shots first rang out.

Part 1. b5 - two broken windows

How did these windows get broken? Did the gunman break one, fire at cops on Elm street, then duck and move to the second window to do the same? Or perhaps were there two gunmen each using one window to fire at police?

As can be seen in the El Centro security guard’s video, police did enter the El Centro building apparently under the belief that the gunman was inside. Another video, the same one taken from the second vantage point described previously, also shows police storming the building.

All of this clearly suggests that the gunman went into the El Centro College. The main question is what did he do once he got inside?

Another cell phone video which was shot from the Crown Plaza Hotel was originally posted to Facebook before being deleted. Luckily a youtuber was able to scrape the video and save it before it was lost.

In it the individual taking the footage asserts that the gunman is inside the 7th floor of the northeast corner of El Centro College. In the video, police can be seen running and ducking behind a white SUV as if they are shielding themselves from that 7th floor window. In addition, later in the video, movement from inside the room of the 7th floor can be seen. Below on Elm and Lamar Street several SWAT vehicles are driving around the area, at one point allegedly yelling at people staying in the Crown Plaza Hotel to get inside.

The image below compares the 7th story window as seen from V2 (when the shooting began) with the same window from the deleted footage (later on). The left shade has been pulled down sometime after the gunman entered El Centro.

dallas shade pulled final 1

These considerations put together make it abundantly evident that there was a gunman in the 7th floor, it would be difficult to explain in any other way.

On top of all this, the man narrating the cell phone recording claims to have video of the gunman actually shooting from that position. Unfortunately if the footage was ever posted it was later deleted and never made it out. At the end he says to check out “mk7wolf” on Youtube, but the channel has since vanished from the internet.

If we are to entertain the official lone-gunman account of the events, and the gunman made his way to the 7th floor of El Centro to continue shooting from an elevated position, how did he manage to teleport across Main Street to the parking garage in order to get bombed by police?

Media reports continually focus on the garage, yet it is evident that much of the gunfire came from in and around the El Centro College building. As we will see later, the route the lone gunman would have had to take, complete with breaks so he could fire on police, in a relatively short amount of time, is humanly impossible.


Who is bag man?

The impossible route isn’t the only gaping hole in the lone gunman theory being promoted by the police, FBI, and the mainstream media. There is direct video evidence of a 2nd accomplice.

After the initial melee, when the gunman from the SUV ducks behind the middle pillar of El Centro College along Elm Street, a figure dressed in black walks out from behind the west most pillar of El Centro near the passageway which leads to the same entrance taken by the SUV gunman. He stands for a moment and then walks back out of view.

Moments later he re-emerges with what appears to be a large bag and then runs west along Elm Street before ducking left into the loading dock area of El Centro. If you’ll recall from earlier, the floor above the loading dock is also where the two windows were broken out.

Who is this individual? If it’s not an accomplice then why would someone run back out in full view of the gunman carrying a large bag and move in a direction which was completely exposed to his line of sight?

If it is an accomplice then what was inside the large bag? Could it have been more guns and ammunition? A change in clothes? A sniper rifle?

Later that night Dallas Police Chief David Brown put out a press release stating that an officer witnessed a man with a camouflaged bag walking quickly down Lamar Street (boxed in red below). The man threw the bag in the back of a black Mercedes and sped off at a high rate of speed with another occupant, eventually going southbound on I-35E. The two were eventually pulled over at Kiest and brought in for questioning. Ultimately they were released.

dpd press release two suspicious things

Part 2. a3 - Pulled over on I-35E black mercedes two suspects

Was the camouflaged bag the same one as the bag carried by the man in the cell phone video? There may be no relation but it is certainly odd that two occupants in a black Mercedes with a camouflaged bag would drive off from the area of the shooting at a high rate of speed on a highway which leads out of downtown Dallas and eventually into Mexico. News media reported that the driver was picking up his brother at the bus station and that the camouflaged bag was his luggage. No other details are known about the two.

In addition to this evidence of two or more accomplices, Chief David Brown reported multiple times that two snipers had fired upon his officers from elevated positions.

Part 2. a4 - Two snipers from elevated positions

This would corroborate with the cell phone video taken from the Crown Plaza Hotel which shows movement in the 7th floor window, and in which the narrator states that he has another video of the gunman shooting from that position.

It is also worth noting that in the same press release about the black Mercedes, Chief Brown states that a suspect was in a shootout with police but was taken into custody (boxed in blue above). The statement also said there was a suspicious package near the suspect’s location.

Supposed lone gunman Micah Johnson was also allegedly in a shootout with police before being bombed shortly after 3:00 AM following failed negotiations. Other reports stated that a suspect in the garage had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

So was Micah taken into custody? Did he commit suicide? Or was he bombed? It is difficult to comprehend how police Chief Brown could misreport a suspect being in custody, yet such drastic changes in the official story are not uncommon with these types of situations, even when they border on the preposterous.


Sniper on the roof!

All of the evidence thus far has pointed to most of the shooting taking place in and around El Centro College, not the Bank of America Parking Plaza garage. The video capturing the bag man is also direct evidence of a 2nd accomplice. But is there any evidence at all that anything took place in the parking garage?

Later that night, someone took amateur footage of the garage which does indicate some kind of activity. In the video a spotlight shines on the upper floors of the garage and it appears that at least one figure can be made out on the top floor. One bystander comments that there are two police up there, and at one point everyone begins to run away as if something drastic happens, although no gunshots can be heard. At the end of the video the man says that there is a sniper on the roof.

The video was posted to Instagram by “_gwatts_” and the embed code for the footage places the timestamp at 9:26 PM, less than half an hour after the the shooting began, which was at about 8:58 PM.


Even if we neglect bag man and the black Mercedes driving away at high speed, the route taken by alleged lone gunman would have been impossible to cover in 28 minutes.

Micah Johnson would have had to engage police in a full on gun battle outside El Centro College on Lamar Street for several minutes before entering El Centro and running up to the 7th floor to continue shooting. He would have had to have been in that 7th floor room for at least the duration of the deleted cell phone video and presumably longer giving him time to shoot.

Then he would have had to run back down while avoiding all the police that had entered the building, get outside and evade all of the surrounding police and SWAT vehicles, cross Main Street apparently with an SKS rifle shoved down his pants (police say they only found one), make his way into the garage, and get up to the top floor to continue shooting. And he would have had to do all of this in less than half an hour.

Then somehow he would have had to end up on the 2nd floor in order to engage in negotiations for several hours with Dallas police prior to being bombed, but not before supposedly telling police that he acted alone.

Obviously this not humanly possible or even remotely realistic. If it were possible to timestamp the deleted cell phone footage of the 7th floor, it is likely that the suspension of belief required to entertain the official story would become even more extreme.

And when the bag man and the black Mercedes are considered, it becomes clear that a different account of the events emerges. While many questions remain, the evidence suggests that at least three individuals, including Micah, were involved in the attack.


We managed to put this all together within about 24 hours of the event.  Yet, all the mainstream media has done is repeat the “official story” of a lone gunman.

This is why you need to turn off your television.  It’s called programming for a reason.

It’s also why you need to be aware of what the elites have planned and how they operate.  We’ve done so in covering the financial and economic aspects of their financial false flags and netted our subscribers (click here to subscribe) massive gains.

That’s because, just like George Carlin, we don’t believe a word that the government and mainstream media say… and we suggest you do so too.

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