Rob Kirby: The Battle Between Globalism & Nationalism In The Face Of Global Economic Chaos

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen recently spoke with Rob Kirby of to talk about several topics including how Brexit impacts globalism and the gold/silver price. Rob Kirby also spoke of the deception and control of the mainstream media, the psychology of blind faith in talking points without actually understanding the subject matter, the North American Union, Canada selling off its gold and the coming global collapse.

All this and more as we watch several events play out world wide similar to the Lehman Brothers debacle. Deutsche Bank among several other banks stand out as incredibly vulnerable while inflation rates across the planet skyrocket. As always, silver and gold are proving their preserved value and resistance to economic collapse as we see precious metal prices begin to hit the ceiling at historic rates.

While nationalist sovereignty is a major step away from globalism, it’s still another flavor of collectivism, to a lesser extent. Will people speak out as individuals or as collectives? History is playing out in front of our eyes and what we do next makes all the difference.

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