Will the Police Quit Policing: Cops Attacked in America?

Will the Police Quit Policing: Cops Attacked in America? by Rory for The Daily Coin

TDC Note – Long time readers of The Daily Coin know all too well that I have documented a great many of the killer cop stories. No one should be attacked, much less ambushed, for any reason. I have to say the cops have brought a lot of this on themselves. Randomly killing family pets, killing people who are attempting to “give up”, flash bombing infants, killing an American citizen every 8.5 hours of every day for over three years, choking a man to death on the sidewalk for selling cigarettes.

These are crimes and most of these killer cops walked and never served a day. Now, I am told these cops are “heroes” “public servants” “looking out for the greater good” “to protect and serve” – Well, not so much. Perhaps all these tag lines are specific to their masters, the banking and ruling class, but not so much for everyone else.

I do not, however, support killer cops and see the situation in Dallas as another tool of the elite and this time the cops were on the opposite end of the killing. Same people running the show, different “actors” for this particular scene. If these cops would do the same type of research that I continually ask of you, maybe the rifles would be pointed in a different direction – the appropriate direction – and all this nonsense would cease and people would stop dying on either side of the barrel.


You might say there’s no way this would ever happen in America. As the media lambasts, accuses, and stirs up firestorms of protest and hate against police officers (of all ethnicities), it is affecting and will affect their profession. It will affect how they will or will not do their jobs. They could just quit policing, doing the daily battles against ongoing and life threatening felonies occurring right now…perhaps in your community. Obama and his support media divide the country continually along racial lines and officers are again paying the price. And it could get worse. -nutnfancy

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