World Debt Bubble, Gold & Silver to Skyrocket, Stock Market & more with Gregory Mannarino

Greg, veteran market trader & economic analyst updates our audience on the world debt paradigm, how governments and central banks are secretly buying stocks to benefit the elite and the inevitable gold & silver skyrocketing price as a result.

01:40 Stock Market Volatility after BREXIT, Is this Recovery or Next Crash?
04:20 Gold & Silver to Skyrocket this Year
06:30 Central Banks & Bond Yield Curves inverting; NIRP
11:25 Digging deeper into stock market predictions, FED & Yield Curve
13:30 Governments & Central Banks buying Debt in secret dark pools
19:40 Elites Steal Wealth – Banks Loaning Money to Companies to Buy Stocks
24:00 Currency Exchanges; Yen vs Dollar
25:40 Gold to Skyrocket in High Risk Environment; QE Coming
27:10 Get more from Greg

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