Guest Post – Like Lambs to the Slaughter, They Never Stood a Chance

It’s easy for us, those of us who clearly see the Orwellian state of affairs that defines 21st century United States, to get furious at the average person. Our family, our neighbors, coworkers or the cashier at the supermarket. There seems no end to the uninformed opinions being thrust upon us. Sadly, this isn’t even the worst of it. They are not just uninformed, or misinformed. They have had the ability to distinguish fact from fiction systematically stripped from them in the most far reaching social experiment ever performed. Given a ballot, within a structure of unlimited democracy, these people are extremely dangerous. It used to be that the people of these United States practiced limited democracy. Put simply, some things weren’t open to vote on. The basic idea was that matters involving Life, Liberty and Property were not subject to mob rule that was unlimited democracy. A quaint idea that didn’t last very long.

As is the case with most everything we observe, nothing exists in a vacuum. That is to say that it is easy to see an immediate problem without thinking about where it comes from. And the dangerously ignorant people we wade through on a daily basis are no different. So how did we get here?

A long time ago, during the napoleonic wars, Prussian soldiers (Now modern day germany), whom were raised from the common people of the time, disappointed their commanding officers because they almost universally refused to blindly follow orders. They thought far too much for themselves to be an effective fighting force, in the eyes of their military superiors. One might gather that free thinking people are not disposed to fight for a ruler, and thus the idea of nations going to war should have been abandoned. But then, as now, the designing men of power would have none of it. They sought a fundamental transformation of society.

The grand plan, which later became known as Prussian Education, was launched. Until that time, education was accomplished in a completely decentralized fashion. Parents and older siblings taught children how to read and write, and then as they grew, they became apprentices or struck out as individuals to make a living of their choice. Being reared in such an environment inevitably let to independent, free thinking individuals. To destroy these traits once and for all, a system of compulsory schooling was developed. Children were arbitrarily divided into groups by age and taught by an adult, originally mostly males. Their regimented day took away any aspect of free choice while they were in school. The children were exposed to only state approved material. Hence, they developed a strong deference to authority and kinship with the state.

Only a few decades later, the progressive movement reached these United States. Progressivism seeks to put people in their appropriate place within society not by the choice of the individual but by the design of the ruling classes. These ideas found an ally with the owners of the newly created factories brought about by the industrial revolution. Factory owners were having great difficulty getting workers to stand at machines and do repetitive tasks all day, every day. You see, up until that point in our society, the vast majority of people worked for themselves. And the majority who didn’t were working for others to gain skills or capital to strike out on their own.

The intellectuals of the day decided that to supply the workforce for the modern world, a world that would forever require drones to work in factories, they would need to retrain the vast majority of society. This, however, was unsuccessful wherever it was tried. Grown men can’t be broken like this. The progressives quickly realized that they would have to start young and looked to the Prussian Education model to solve their problems.

And that’s how we got the schools that we all know. Regimented at the same approximate length as a work day. Tasks aren’t completed. When the bell rings, you move on to the next one. There is always an authority figure to defer judgement to. And on and on. It is striking that we all take for granted that the way school is structured is the only way to teach children. Hardly one in one hundred can think of any other way to educate. What comes to mind when I say Homeschool? Children sitting at tables or desks with a parent presiding over them.

What if I told you that this was not the way it was always done? Would you believe me that before public school there was a nearly 100% literacy rate in these United States? That upward mobility was the rule, not the exception? That people never lost their natural curiosity? It is true and it made this country the most prosperous the world had ever known.

Any time anyone offers such an unbelieveable narrative as I have outline above, you must verify it for yourself. Don’t be a sheep. There has be a moderate amount of scholarship on this topic, and you can read the words of the architects of this social program for yourself. You see, when it was begun, mass population manipulation was a noble goal, at least within the echo chamber of the progressive academic and intellectual circles. They wrote freely of their plans. If I had to point you towards one source on this topic, a single man stands apart from all the others, and it is infact he that I owe a debt of gratitude to for even being able to communicate this to you. His name is John Taylor Gatto, 2 time New York city and one time New York State teacher of the year. He retired when, as he stated in an op-ed in the Wall St Journal, he could no longer allow himself to harm children. He has since devoted his life to informing anyone who will listen as to the damage caused by public schools. His best selling books include Dumbing Us Down, Weapons of Mass Instruction and The Underground History of American Education. If you are the least bit curious about what you’ve read here, you owe it to yourself to check out this great man. There is also a wealth of YouTube videos featuring John, such as “The purpose of schooling” or the 5 hour documentary “The Ultimate History Lesson” (Which can also be found on MP3 here)

So as you encounter these ignorant individuals, or get enraged at the madness they are causing, try to stop and find a bit of empathy. The people around us have been intentionally created this way. Granted, the ends desired by the ruling class are not the same today as they were 100 years ago, but the effect is no less desirable. A society of people who turn their thinking over to whomever is in charge. You now know why our fellow countrymen are the way they are. It is our goal to reach them as individuals. They will never be reached by shouting at them or demeaning them. They are sheep, but it is not their fault. It is our job now, every day and at every opportunity to plant seeds of doubt. To undermine the authority of those talking heads on TV, from the news anchor to the fearless leaders. Just a seed. Use humor, satire, but if nothing else, empathize and bring these people closer to you. They know something is wrong, but until we break through, they will keep looking to the same people for answers. They have been broken to do nothing else. And for this, they deserve our unyielding empathy. They never stood a chance

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