Persnickety posted the link for this on another thread. I don’t know its point of origin but the person who initiated the conversation(s) starts off with:

I am a person with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case. I will answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away.

He sounds like he’s FBI connected because when asked if she would be indicted, he wrote:

There is intense pressure for us not to do so. I am posting from a position of near anonymity and enough plausible deniability to evade prosecution, as we have all been given gag orders.

There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is.  Whether she will be or not depends on how much info about others involved gets out, and there are a lot of people involved.

The thread is dated Saturday July 2, 2016 08:01:50, which was 2 days before The Witch was given her “Get out of Jail Free” card for her e-mail debacle.

When asked why he was on the message board on a Friday night he wrote:

Sent home, awaiting word about the shitstorm Lynch just caused.

He emphasizes that the e-mail scandal pales in comparison to the sleeze-infested Clinton Foundation, and that THAT is where the focus should be.

He of course is looked upon very, very suspiciously but by the end…they want more info, and he says he might do another thread. I’ve asked Persnickety to be on the lookout for part 2 because I have no idea how to follow-up on it.

Anyways, it’s the weekend and it’s a ‘fun’ read. Enjoy.

Click HERE to enlarge (it will still look the same size but just click on the image):


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