The Globalists Have Revealed How They Will Collapse America

The world’s economic tectonic plates are beginning to shift and soon the worlds economic system will soon come tumbling down. Will you be prepared? Have you converted your soon to be worthless cash into precious metals?

For the past several years, the elite (e.g. George Soros) have been running from the dollar. In fact, they have been running from all domestic currencies. Why? Because they knew what was coming. And what is coming is an economic meltdown like the world has never seen.

Beside trading and bartering, if the dollar and the Euro were to collapse tomorrow, what currency of exchange would the left standing? The obvious and simple answer would be primarily, gold, and secondarily, silver. Ask yourself this question, if you knew that paper monies all around the world were to collapse, what action would represent your best option? The obvious answer would be to dramatically drive down the price of gold and silver if one had the ability to do so, and then buy as much as gold as one possibly could. Goldman Sachs has the ability to do so by utilizing their ominous shorting strategy. This is exactly what Goldman Sachs did in 2013 when they ordered their brokers to create a state of panic among gold and silver holders and then they offered the unsuspecting precious metals holders a way out, sell short.

In 2013, I wrote the following:

Panic selling dominated the market as investors and financial institutions could not dump their holdings of silver and gold fast enough. The market clearly shows signs of mass manipulation by the Globalists.  The best proof that the globalists are manipulating the price of gold comes from “Goldman Sachs (who) reportedly told their clients earlier this month that they recommend initiating a short COMEX gold position.”

In other words, the globalists knew at least three years in advance that fiat currencies were going to be collapsed and the key members of the criminal elite better get into previous metals ASAP!

George Soros knew something dreadful was coming. David Rockefeller knewgoldman and plutocrats something big and bad was about to happen. That something big is the imminent collapse of all fiat, paper money currencies around the world. In their secret Bilderberg meetings, the globalists have positively planned the exact date of our financial demise. You can even bet the next “black whatever day” will coincide with an ironic date which will make the globalists chuckle at the planned inception of next false flag event. What is coming is an economic Armageddon.

While the common man and much of the Independent Media were celebrating the Brexit vote, I warned there would be consequences. The globalists demand that everyone is in their system. The globalists may not be able to stop nations from exiting the EU, however, they can certainly make it expensive by collapsing the world’s fiat currencies and then cutting off peoples access to buying gold and silver by cutting out the gold and silver sellers. This is what just happened in Sweden.

The following are the chest pains before the heart attack.

The New Economic System Is Upon Us

The criminal elite cartel have revealed how they are going to totally subjugate humanity.  The plan is not to come after your private gold coins similar to what FDR did during the Depression. The plan is to shut down the public’s access to those that sell precious metals. This will prevent public’s access to the safety of gold and silver while their respective fiat currency bites the dust. As stated, the criminal elite bought as much gold as they could three years ago with the fraudulent help of Goldman Sachs. Today, they are cutting off your access to the same safe haven they have escaped to. 

Sweden’s largest gold and silver dealer, Tavex Guld & Valuta, suddenly had their bank accounts suddenly closed on Thursday without any official notice.  

As a result, Tavex AB sent the following letter out to all of its investors. In the letter, the company its customers that because Sweden is moving to a cashless society, the Swedish banks are shutting down all gold and silver bullion accounts.

Notice of change in Tavex ABs payment system

Dear clients,

We would like to notify you that starting from 15:30 Thursday, June 30, 2016, we must stop accepting banktransfer and bankgiro payments for gold and silver orders to our Swedish SEB account.

The reason for this has to do with the fact that SEB has informed us – at a very short notice – that they will close down our bank account. Regrettably, this decision by SEB was taken without prior consultation with us, and, besides stating in their notification letter that the termination of the account has to do with “a general business decision”, they have yet to provide us with a concrete reason why they choose this course of action.

However, as you all are aware, the banking system in Sweden is pushing heavily into the direction of a cash free society, and Tavex, as one of the biggest wholesale supplier of physical notes & investment metals in Sweden, is according to our view being targeted by the big merchant banks.

And although this situation is creating temporary operational difficulties for us, and inconvenience for you, it will not have a lasting negative impact on our business models, or on our determination to keep on providing our clients with cash currency and physical investment metals.

Having said that, we are feverishly working on setting up a new payment system, which we believe will be operational in two to three weeks’ time. In the meantime, all orders placed via our webshop after 15:30 Thursday, June 30, 2016, can be paid by making an international payment to Tavex AB Estonian Swedbank account. This account is setup up for receiving payments in SEK, which means that there is no exchange fee when funds are transferred from Sweden to this account. All other operational procedures such as: delivery of products, pickup of products at our offices, insurance of packages, and customer support will remain exactly the same as before.

We apologize in advance for this inconvenience and hope that you sympathize with us. We are doing our utmost to make this transition as smooth as possible and we thank you for your past support and look forward to your continued patronage at Tavex AB.



If one thinks that the timing between Sweden moving to a cashless society and the shutting down of gold and silver dealer’s accounts is merely a coincidence, then that person has not been paying attention. When the average person possesses gold and silver, they have peace of mind and they have freedom because they are outside the control grid of the globalist matrix.

The only question remaining is whether the actions of the Swedish banks represent a beta test or is it the first step towards forcing the public exclusively into fiat currencies before they are collapsed. Regardless of the answer to this question, the fact remains is the globalists have tipped their hand. They are showing us how they are going to collapse, not just America, but the entire west.

What should you do to avoid economic catastrophe? The simple answer is to buy gold and silver. If you have a previous metal representative that you work with, I would be calling him/her today. If you do not have a preferred agent, I strongly recommend who I use and that is Steve Quayle of Renaissance Precious Metals. I would make this call ASAP, because none of us know how long until the globalists collapse the entire system.

You can bet that bank bail-ins are not far behind. And following that your retirements are next. Do you want to be a slave, or do you want live and die as a free man? The choice is yours.


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