Revisiting Waco (Video)

TDC Note – If you have not seen “Rules of Engagement – Waco, Tx” watch it at this Link – be sure and download to your computer as this will be removed from youtube – just like all the others have been removed. After watching this documentary – pay close attention to the FLIR footage towards the end – if you still believe the government represents you, watch it a second time with a different set of eyes.


Mel here. Back in 2014, we visited the site of the rebuilt Branch Davidian Church, where some 80 people lost their lives at the hands of the U.S. government in Waco, to pay our respects on the way back from visiting my dad for what I didn’t realize would be the last time I would ever see him. Visiting the place was pretty emotional and, after I lost my dad, I couldn’t bring myself to edit this report at the time… going through old footage, I came across it again and thought I should go ahead and put it up, especially in light of how much has happened since.

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