Half the year is over and all you will hear on CNBC and the rest of the captured corporate media is about the ongoing bull market in stocks. You won’t hear about the real bull market. Stocks haven’t gone anywhere in the last 20 months. Their QE created bull market ended in October 2014 when the liquidity spigot was shut off.

Even in this rigged market, with the Fed directly buying through their intermediaries, corporations buying back hundreds of billions of their own stock, and HFT machines programmed to buy by the Wall Street cabal, stocks have barely made any gains in the first six months.

The real bull market, which shall not be mentioned, is revealing the failure of central bankers around the world to debase their way to prosperity. If every country in the world attempts to debase their currency at the same time, there can be only one winner – precious metals. Look who’s winning YTD:

  • Silver – up 48%
  • Gold – up 27%
  • S&P 500 – up 4%
  • Dow – up 4%
  • Nasdaq – down 3%

All shall be revealed in the fullness of time. Gold and silver are revealing the failure of the Fed and their establishment puppeteers in their quest to sustain an unsustainable economic system.


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