Silver and Gold: Money of the Past, Money in the Future

It will not be like the 1980 blow off top, it’s going to be a new type of blow off top, where you actually spend the gold and silver you’re accumulating now. – James Turk

Jim Sinclair has said almost the exact same thing as James Turk. Gold and silver are money. The fiat currency regime’s around the world are in serious trouble, as exposed by the BREXIT vote on June 29, 2016. No, the referendum did not target the currency, the target was much larger than the currency. The people stood up and said we are tired of your government telling us how to live and destroying our country from within. One of the many consequences of the people taking back their sovereignty is a devastating blow to currencies. As people continue loosing confidence in their governments ability to represent them and instead represent corporations and special interest groups the currencies will be an unwilling victim of these uprisings going on world wide. The BREXIT vote was the people saying – enough is enough.

The average person on the street has been trained to believe gold and silver are for making trinkets, jewelry and everything except acting as money, a store of value. As James Turk likes to remind people: “one ounce of gold, today, purchases the same amount of oil as it did in 1950”. What other currency has held it’s value since 1950? Will the same amount of US Dollars purchase the same amount of oil as in 1950? What about the British Pound Stirling or the Japanese Yen? Not a chance, wouldn’t even come close.

In a recent interview James Turk explained that gold and silver are moving into their next stage. James believes, as does Jim Sinclair and myself, that gold and silver will return to being used as currency for everyday purchases of goods and services. The current scenario we are living through has our economic and financial systems pushing the bounds of every aspect of the fiat currency system. We recently learned that, around the world, there is a total of $11.7 TRILLION in government bonds issued at a negative interest rate! What that means is people willing, knowingly issued a purchase order for government bonds they knew would lose value!! Had these same people – remember these are the people overseeing your 401k, IRA and other pension fund accounts – simply moved into gold and/or silver at the beginning of the fourth quarter 2015, not only would there investment made a profit, it would have been in the neighborhood of 15% or more through the end of the second quarter 2016. Did your retirement fund, pension fund rise by at least 15% during that same time?

As more and more people, globally, grow weary of these criminal banking cabals, non-representative governments and crumbling economies the people will continue asking why these situations are happening and begin asking themselves what can they do about it. This very important question will not be ask of a banking criminals or government officials, it will be ask of the individual as they lay awake at night plagued by the facts of reality swirling around their mind, body and soul. Once this happens they will begin seeking answers to questions they do not currently know exist. Who will guide them, who will help them with real, solid information that stops the pain as quickly as taking a pill?




Jesse Livermore once said, “The average man does not want to be told it is a bull or a bear market. He desires to be told specifically which stock to buy or sell. He wants to get something for nothing. He does not wish to work. He doesn’t even wish to have to think.”

I bring these two Livermore quotes to the table to demonstrate one big aspect of our reality. If people are told what gold and silver is and they can be shown a group of others that are part of the community they will very easily accept the truth. They will very easily be willing to convert, at least some, of their worthless fiat currency into real money. This will save a portion of their wealth and better protect their family from this ongoing currency war and currency destruction. Remind them they don’t ever do anything with their retirement accounts accept to review its performance online – they never trade, they never sell, they only add to their position. Remind them of what happened in 2008 and explain it is going to happen again with far deeper loses that will never be recoverable. When the bottom falls out the next time, that’s where your account will stay or something much worse could happen to your remaining wealth.

Gold and silver are in fact used to make trinkets, jewelry and various other non monetary items. Silver has been money longer than gold and they both have been money for over 4,000 years. No other money has existed for this long a period of time. No other form of currency has been used to purchase goods and services longer. No other money is accepted on a global scale from the largest cities to the most rural farm community than silver and gold. Got physical?



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