Judge Jeanine Rips Hillary Clinton To Pieces – The Entire US Justice System Now On The Brink

According to Judge Jeanine Pirro as heard in the first video below, never before in the history of America have we been at the point where we have now arrived. Telling us that the person about to become the Democratic nominee for president has just been interrogated for 3 hours as part of an ongoing federal criminal investigation into crimes allegedly committed by her, the Judge unleashes a barrage of truth and facts that needs to be heard by every Hillary Clinton voter. Showing us how the US legal system hangs in the balance with corruption like never seen before continuing to follow around the Clinton’s and now in danger of completely impeaching the integrity of US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the word ‘impartiality’, we see why ‘America’ itself is in grave danger with ‘the endgame of tyranny’ closer than ever and represented by Hillary Clinton.


As most ‘awakened’ Americans know, the crimes Hillary is accused of now are simply the tip of the iceberg compared to the crimes she’s committed against God and crimes against humanity in her lifetime. From Benghazi to Orlando, Florida, decisions made by Hillary Clinton and her subordinates at the US State Department have directly led to the loss of a countless number of lives. The mess that the Middle East is now in is largely due to decisions by Hillary. If America wants a psychopath and a war criminal for president, Hillary is here. As this recent story from US Uncut tells us, Hillary’s war crimes are unforgivable. “No ‘real progressive’ would ever vote for her“.

First two cartoons in this story by Grrrgraphics – “taking a bite out of tyranny”. 


With Lynch recently completely destroying the credibility and ‘perceived impartiality’ of the entire US Justice system after her recent meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation providing the final nail in the ‘coffin of perception’ of ‘equal treatment under the law for all’, ANP asks that Loretta Lynch step down immediately from her post. For her to continue to sit in the seat of the highest office in the land of the justice system will forever leave a stench upon the system that has no choice but to replace her immediately before it loses all credibility among the American people.

As most of ‘awakening America’ now knows, we are now closing in upon what many believe will be a ‘judgement day’ for America as a country that was once treasured for ‘justice for all’ spins totally out of control most exemplified by the fact that a cold-blooded murderer and war criminal with American blood on her hands is still running for the highest office in the land. Rather than already being in prison for making false statements and much, much worse, the Clinton’s continue to make a  mockery of our justice system. Globalists like Obama and Clinton shouldn’t be exempted from war crimes; they’re certainly not exempted from making horrible decisions.

As we hear in the 2nd video below featuring Sean Stone of Buzzsaw along with Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, the globalists ‘endgame’ of totally tyranny in America and the world is closer now to being than at any time in our lifetimes. We may only be a few events away from a boot forever stamping upon a human face and as Stone tells us, we should be watching out for several more ‘false flag’ attacks over the summer time with the election upon us. Hillary Clinton is the perfect representation of the corruption that has befallen our nation that could lead to our extinction.


With the entire US system of justice now hanging in the balance for the entire world to see with Hillary Clinton one election away from sitting in the oval office in the White House while being a mass murderer and a war criminal with American blood on her hands, not to mention the blood of innocent ‘casualties of war’ across the Middle East, we’ve never been closer to total tyranny as one who does the work of Satan and his henchmen sits once again so close to the seat of power in this land.

Judge Jeanine comes out on fire and delivers a blistering first 6 minutes that every prospective Hillary Clinton voter in America should see before wasting your vote on this filth who reaks of total corruption and absolute treason. If you want 4 more years of Obama’s policy and the neocons warmongering around the world, by all means, vote for Hillary the war criminal….she’s sure to deliver.

As several ANP readers have mentioned in the comment sections of our stories, Judge Jeanine might make an amazing pick for a Trump presidency and certainly isn’t the kind of person to back down from anyone. If the VP is supposed to be a ‘pitbull’, Judge Jeanine delivers every time. Enjoy this shellacking of Hitlery. We did.

As we hear from Vigilant Christian in the final video below, more and more signs are emerging across America and the world that we are closing in upon a time that we were warned of long ago.


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