How Do You Protect Your Future?

The World Destruction Do-over (or “What’s that Low-information voter doing in my IRA?”)

How do you protect yourself and your future? By taking what you can’t afford to lose out of their grasp.


It used to be if you were a person of limited mental means, but you still wanted to impact thousands of lives you either had to be a Kardashian, or just tap the bumper of another car on your drive down L.A.’s infamous 405 freeway. In either case you had the potential to bring the physical and existential progress of thousands to a screeching halt, perhaps for hours, sapping their will to live along the way.

But last week it became clear there’s an even better way for those of low information to bring their lack of wherewithal to bear upon a world just trying to get business done: Vote, with great indignation, for your country to leave the European Union. After all, this is the time to take a stand, make your voice heard and make a difference in the world. Like taking a Twitter poll…

The nice thing, as it turns out, is that it was completely unnecessary that you actually know what the European Union is, much less the consequences of your country’s leaving it. Then, as markets worldwide crash noisily around you, and your currency goes up in flames, the next day you, along with millions of your compatriots, Google “What is the European Union?” and, apparently, “You mean referendums count, like, for real?

Oh, how I wish I were kidding. But no, as we’ve now all seen, the low information voter can have a catastrophic effect on world markets, on currency values, and on the retirement savings of millions. The day after the vote, Investment Newsreported sharp spikes in calls to all leading 401(k) providers, with terrified soon-to-be retirees dreading a return of 2008-style destruction as they’re nearly a decade closer to exiting the workforce.

Of course, now many of the Brexit yay-sayers are looking for a do-over, petitioning their shaken government for another vote. No doubt investors the world over are wishing such a thing existed for global markets, but no, those trillions lost in the Brexit aftershocks are gone for good.

The fact is it’s just not possible to voter-proof the world economy. This means the insufficiently literate, those who are looking for attention, those looking to express outrage that just anyone can walk the same streets they do can, if bamboozled in sufficient numbers, rain down economic destruction. So can any opportunistic politician who’s able to mobilize such people.


How do you protect yourself and your future? By taking what you can’t afford to lose out of their grasp.


Thank you James Cordelaine


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Gary Christenson

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