Everyone knows the key to investing success – Buy low, sell high. So why do the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world buy back their company’s stock at all-time highs and when prices were at decades lows in 2009, they bought nothing? These MBA geniuses aren’t dumb in the traditional sense. But their decisions to squander hundreds of billion of shareholder money making horrible investment choices points to their greed and corruption.

Executive compensation is tied to earnings per share. Since these dimwits are too narrow minded and myopic to figure out ways to increase revenues and profits through capital and intellectual investment, they turn to Wall Street stock buyback schemes to boost EPS artificially, while suppressing wages of their workers and shipping jobs overseas. Boosting their own wealth is all that matters to these greedy bastards.

It’s baked in the cake that these CEO “investments” will result in hundreds of billions in losses. And not one of these dumbass CEOs will lose their job for doing so. Because all the other dumbass CEOs were doing the same thing. Who coulda knowed?

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