Прощай EUSSR: Kremlin Spokesman Compares Crumbling EU to 1989-91 Soviet Union

The British people have spoken and voted to leave the European Union. Despite the howls of the Euro-fanatic Atlanticist pundit and ‘creative’ classes for re-voting until the people deliver the ‘right’ answer as with past EU referendums in Ireland or Denmark, there’s not much that can be done to reverse this decision, only delaying of the consequences. Resigning Prime Minister David Cameron has already admitted as much to Parliament. Nor are the Scots going to ride to the EU’s rescue by calling a second independence referendum anytime very soon and thus forcing the Leave majority to choose between remaining subservient to Brussels or breaking up the United Kingdom.

The problem with a ‘damage control’ approach to Brexit for Brussels is that, by the time the UK actually leaves the European Union in late 2017 or more likely 2018, other member nations such as France, Austria or Portugal could be voting on referendums to restore their sovereignty, accelerating the collapse of the EU and quite possibly the euro. This could lead to, as Dr. Jim Willie has predicted, creating a rump ‘euromark or Nordic mark’ of a German-led northern European currency for the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland. Instead of being able to roll with the punches or improvise, the EU might get shattered by a perfect storm of rising nationalism and economic turmoil arriving all at once — not unlike the superpower Soviet Empire a generation ago.

Sorry Remain-ers, There’s No Going Back Now — Only Going Up and Out Slowly

The Fraudulent Petition Calling for a ‘Revote’ on Brexit —
Part of an Aborted Colored Revolution to Keep the UK ‘In’?

While initially dismissing the electorate as morons using stories about how many tens or hundreds of thousands in Britain were Googling ‘European Union’ for the first time or seeking Irish passports, the hysterics and butthurt of the Remain camp has likely hardened the views of many in the majority that they made the right choice. The mainstream Anglo-American media’s touting of three million signatures on a petition to make Parliament reconsider the vote and invoking the EU’s escape clause Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is backfiring, now that the pro-Brexit UK Telegraph reported that over 23,000 of the signatures supposedly came from the Internet-starved hermit kingdom of North Korea. Hundreds more came from territories that had little to no population like the South Atlantic’s S. Georgia and the Sandwich Islands.

German blogger Moon of Alabama reported it only took him 30 seconds to sign the petition from his native Germany, suggesting a high amount of fraudulent or ineligible foreign signers in that 3 million. Nick Griffin, a former MEP and leader of the British National Party (BNP), suspects the petition is part of a potential ‘colored revolution’ in Britain with the goal of persuading Parliament to block or indefinitely delay negotiations on London leaving the EU.Griffin believes the culprit behind the post-Remain histrionics and petitioning is none other than George Soros. But according to Saker blogger ‘Scott’ commenting on Griffin’s piece, Soros actually was long the Pound (but not necessarily the euro or the markets which plunged) headed into the vote and was not, unlike Goldman Sachs, talking against his book.

Regardless of Soros positioning as reported by Zerohedge, the fact of the matter is that even the arch-globalist who ‘broke the Bank of England’ concedes that the EU is falling apart, and Britain will likely not be the last state to exit the failing bloc. ‘Scott’, a pro-Moscow ethnic Russian from Kiev, sees this is as a wonderful thing and tells Saker readers concerned about the globalists waiting in the shadows to create some New World Ordo out of the EU’s chao to relax; the end of Atlanticism by which Washington means its own domination of the Continent is coming soon.

This is interestingly enough, the same general viewpoint of the Guerrilla Economist regarding Brexit in Monday’s nearly hour-long podcast. As Bane said to the bankster bad guy in The Dark Knight Rises, “do you feel in charge?”. Because ‘Team Bankster’ as WolfGray calls them isn’t nearly as ‘in charge’ of events as they would pretend and everyone with a brain in Europe if not here in the US(S)A is waking up to this fact.

Is Russia a Big Winner from Brexit? The Kremlin Has Reasons for Optimism

Which bring us to the main theme of this post — the ‘Remain’ and mainstream media Narrative that ‘Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin’ are pleased with the Brexit vote outcome. A statement from the MSM about Moscow which is, for once, actually true! What isn’t true, unless one wants to have the argument both ways and insist RT is a hugely influential propaganda channel that hardly anyone in the UK watches, is that the Kremlin somehow tipped the scales in favor of Brexit (unless you’re crazed neocon Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum, of course).

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