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As you might imagine, my inbox has been stuffed with articles and more articles and even yet more articles about the BREXIT referendum in the United Kingdom last Thursday, and its already apparent huge implications. And all of this in a week in which there have been important “other stories” that stand to be swamped by the focus on BREXIT. So accordingly, I am going to try to focus on those other stories a bit more this week, but also to blog a bit about the geopolitical and financial earthquake that just hit with the BREXIT vote, by way of today’s blog and some very interesting “tidbits”.

Just prior to the BREXIT vote, this very strange article appeared in RT, concerning Chancellorin Merkel’s calls for a dramatic increase in Germany defense spending:

Merkel wants Germany military budget boosted to counter ‘external threats’

What’s interesting – and from my amateur historian’s point of view, a bit heart-stopping – is that opening series of statements in this article:

Germany should substantially increase its defense spending to cope with “external threats,” Chancellor Angela Merkel has said, stressing that Berlin can’t count on the US, and the EU is incapable of defending itself.

During an economics conference in Berlin on Tuesday, Merkel said the EU can’t rely on the transatlantic partnership with the US to deal with external threats, Reuters reports.

“Sure enough this means that a country like Germany, which today spends around 1.2 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense, and the United States, which spends 3.4 percent of GDP for defense will have to converge,” Merkel said.

(Bold-italics emphasis added)

Now, before we got to my high octane speculation of the day, consider also this reminder from RT of what the recent German Defense Ministry White Paper also stressed about the nature of those “external threats”, which Chancellorin Merkel left unspecified, were:

In June, the German government announced it was seeking to make changes to its “White Paper”, a document outlining the country’s security policy and stating it would regard Russia as a threat. Placing Moscow on the list of the 10 most serious threats to Berlin, the German Defense Ministry said Russia is no longer a “partner” but has become a “challenge.”

Other “threats” mentioned in the document included international terrorism, radical nationalism, the migrant crisis and an increased risk of epidemics that might occur due to the surge in Germany’s population.

Lest we forget, the RT article reminds us, however, that the German Foreign Minister, Herr Steinmeier, has also condemned the NATO saber-rattling against Russia, as as I’ve pointed out in recent blogs, many German businessmen and Laender politicians have journeyed to Russia to quietly circumvent Ms. Merkel’s “America and refugees first: foreign and domestic policies.  And, as the article itself recalls the moves for a trans-European Army being called for by Paris and Berlin, the reader should recall and I(and others on the internet) have been of the opinion that this is really a way for the two major European powers to have a counterpoise to NATO and American unipolar dominance in European security affairs.

With the spreading reactions to the BREXIT vote, however, these dreams for a common European military appear once again to be on hold, as already there are similar calls for referenda on EU membership in the important European economies of France, Italy, and the Netherlands, and this is a movement that will not be stopped, even should those votes go against the exit supporters. The reason is very simple: the EU, as currently constituted, is not a democracy nor even a republic; as I detailed in The Third Way, it is a regulatory bureaucratic dictatorship of unelected commissioners, which heavily weight the decisions of Paris and Berlin, and at a much deeper level, of Berlin. The EU will not survive in its current fashion, simply because the people of Europe have had enough of the eurocrats’ “multiculturalism” and the globaloney of Mr. Global. The TTIP agreements have been another sore sticking point.

Which brings us to Frau Merkel and her “external threats.” Given the fact that many German politicians, including her own Foreign Minister Steinmeier, are against the Russian sanctions, and do not see Russia as a threat, and moreover, given the fact that Germany has quietly gone forward with the plans to increase energy ties with Russia, the idea that Russia poses any sort of immanent threat of invasion of Germany is, to be entirely realistic, preposterous. Russia frankly doesn’t need the headache of mounting an invasion of the Baltic states or Poland, let alone Germany. Such actions would isolate Russia on the world stage in a hugely detrimental fashion, and create instantaneous colations against her.

So who are the “external threats” Frau Merkel is referring to. I suggest that the hint is provided in the very first paragraph of the RT article: the USA can no longer be relied upon for Germany’s, let alone Europe’s, security, and since the refugee crisis has been in one sense largely of America’s making, a much stronger German military is needed. And let us not mistake what Germany is saying here(and recall that Kohl-Lammer’s document from the 1990s that I referred to in The Third Way), with the impending fracture of the EU and the euro, that expanded German military is likely to become a permanent feature of European and global geopolitics over the next few decades. With the BREXIT vote, Washington’s grip on Europe has begun to weaken, and it will only grow more so, and the German “deep state” has foreseen this, and is responding accordingly.

Don’t believe me? Well, check out today’s tidbits, for a mit more context on the developments.

See you on the flip side….


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