Get Out While You Can?

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by Jim Sinclair, JSMineset

My Dear Friends,

The entire financial world is a cartoon drawn by can kickers who are called experts. The thieves of our future should be rounded up and made permanent parties on “Naked and Afraid.” Clearly they are scared to death as to what is contained here. Their actions are so transparent they are naked. The visual of this is really awful. Worst is what they do knowing their short term actions, will without any doubt, bring on the long term return to the New Normal Dark Ages. These experts and self-proclaimed elites are truly the Four Horsemen of the End of Days Economic. From MOPE to QE to EDE and the end.

If I was young or a strong 75, I would get out of here while I still could going to the best location of nobody in the middle of nowhere. Watch the documentary “Last Alaskans” to see the lifestyle of the survivors and their families. For that life you have to be young or have the strength of an ox. Preppers know the problem but Preppers will all run out of their carefully selected but limited preparations. The elite are fairy like fops, all of them. The old European families are so bad there is no description. They only mingled with their own kind or people so they are more inbred than the aboriginal.

These manic liberals, one world government and 1% have killed us all, including themselves. I wish I had an easy solution but there is none. You must be self-sufficient among self-sufficient others in the most rural of areas. Now who can do that?

There is one sign of hope. That is Heimo in this documentary. He is the northern most Jew on the planet, and thus the TV name, Heimo North. If Heimo can do it and be so happy, there is a chance, but not in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

Heimo may never know it happened or care. So who wins, Heimo or the 1%, Kim Kardashian, or Edna North?

Respectfully yours,

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