Orlando Is Just the Beginning, Holy Hell Has Come to America

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show The purpose of this article is to explore the following questions:

  1. Did Omar Mateen act alone in his shooting rampage in which he killed or wounded over 100 people in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida?
  2. Was Omar Mateen radicalized and representing ISIS?
  3. Has ISIS left behind clues which directly, or indirectly implicates them in the Orlando massacre?
  4. Are we to expect more of the same? And to what purpose would more attacks serve?

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Did Omar Mateen Act Alone?

The early evidence indicates that Omar Mateen did not act alone. The logistics of the event as well as the following eyewitness account strongly suggest that this is a conspiracy. DAHBOO 777 astutely caught the following video feed. Watch the short clip, notice how the interviewee is cut off when he mentions that more than one person was involved. I have not been able to fully identify the person in the video below before they were cut off after saying that a man was trying to hold the doors so people could not get out. The mainstream media may be successful in cutting people off from telling the truth. However, there is one publication, the Palm Beach Post, that did not back away from controversy. The story below matches the account in the above video, at least to the extent that it was allowed to be presented.

 At this early date, there is certainly cause for concern as clues keep coming out of the woodwork. Consider the following tweet, it speaks volumes to who could be behind the Mateen Massacre.
 Director of SITE Intelligence Group, Rita Katz, claims Jihadists are celebrating the shooting as a 'gift'
NBC news admits that he was attracted to ISIS propaganda. Does this implicate him as an agent of ISIS? Certainly, not in a court of law. However, there are those of us that have the globalist playbook, and we see all the signs of a false flag event. Further, the timing of the event is suspect because of the recent ISIS threats levied against Florida, now five days ago.

 Directly, Or Indirectly, Was This an ISIS Sponsored Event?

 The Main Stream Media (MSM) have gone to great lengths in denying the fact that Mateen had links to ISIS. However, as NBC reports:
“Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Florida, whose district includes the area of the massacre, suggested to reporters that “more likely than not” the shooting spree at the nightclub was ideologically motivated. Let me put it this way,” he said, “the nationality of family members is indicative.” This sound like a highly prejudicial comment by Grayson. However, when we consider the comment in the context of last December’s San Bernardino event, it is understandable.
As we already know, the FBI interviewed Mateen three times. The Daily Mail released the following information about Mateeen considering his radicalization:

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