by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante In this Jubilee year, we are seeing more and more obvious signs of non-traditional rituals presented by Western power structures such as the European Union. This is very obviously part of the evolution of world government and is especially noteworthy as Jubilee 2016 moves to its climax in October. The most recent example of this was the opening ceremony at the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. It has been described as “a dark, disturbing, weirdly satanic ritual” that celebrated the achievement of Gotthard (you can see more of the ritual in video here). The tunnel is now the  world’s longest and most expensive, one driven directly through the Swiss Alps over 17 years. It is to be seen as yet another symbol of European unification and the power of such unified countries.

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The ceremony itself took place in front of European dignitaries including Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Francois Hollande of France and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. With such guests attending, there can be no doubt that formal elements of the EU and its leaders subscribe to a belief structure – or at least tolerate one – that has nothing to do with “normal” Christianity. The ceremony was created by German director Volker Hesse and featured a man in a goat costume presiding over an equally weird series of events portrayed by strangely costumed dancers and others. Goat Man - The Dollar Vigilante The tale of the tunnel’s construction was presented within the context of seemingly satanic references and went on, including other events, for an entire six hours! Humans were regularly symbolized as being in bondage.  During the building of the tunnel a few workers died and apparently were lovingly remembered by showing them as being hung during the ritual. Hung Workers This went on an on for hours as an all seeing eye was set-up outside. All Seeing Eye 2 - The Dollar Vigilante …as people, dressed like poverty stricken slaves marched out and entered into sexual acts. Slaves - The Dollar Vigilante And all of this for the grand opening of a tunnel?  Whatever happened to a ribbon cutting ceremony? We’ve seen increased efforts at introducing Satanic elements into the West lately. For instance, earlier this year there were plans to build reproductions of the giant 48-foot-tall arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria. These reproductions were to be erected in Times Square in New York City and Trafalgar Square in London during April.  But it didn’t happen after a lot of alternative media outrage.  Instead other structures were erected that were not nearly so inflammatory. Now on the 16th of July, there are plans to perform an “introductory Satanic ritual” that will create a five-pointed star – also known as a pentagram – around the city of Lancaster. These sort of ritualistic activities are not entirely removed from mainstream society. CNN and other media facilities announced Hillary Clinton had become the Democratic nominee on July 6, 2016 – 666, in other words. The most recent Bilderberg meeting took place just after and appeared to host this bizzare six hour satanic ritual beforehand… and the closing ceremonies seem to have accompanied the Orlando shooting. These are dark days. Just take a look at these public – and increasingly Satanic – rituals. There is no doubt that in Jubilee 2016, additional terrible events are being planned along the lines of the Paris massacres and larger, organized warfare, especially in the Middle East. I wouldn’t be surprised if significant market chaos takes place as well before Jubilee 2016 is done. We’ve, luckily, seen where things are going and have done incredibly well in precious metals, gold mining stocks and, most recently, bitcoin which has soared more than 50% in the last few weeks and currently sits near $700. Our next issue goes out in the next few hours (subscribe here) where we look more deeply into these events as well as an organic farming investment opportunity in Panama and an investment into a decentralized, blockchain based Uber.

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While making money taking advantage of what the elites have planned may not fully protect you from what they have in store, and acted out in Switzerland last week, it never hurts to have more resources at your disposable to prepare for what is coming. They appear to be growing in boldness and not even trying to hide what they are doing anymore.  Yet, most still don’t see… as it was written. We do see and are doing everything we can to awaken others.  Stick with us here at TDV as we confront these so-called “elites”, as we did at Bilderberg this weekend and expose the truth.

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