Legend Warns Crisis Is Going To Spread Like Wildfire And There Will Be Nowhere To Hide

from King World News On the heels of continued volatility in the 2016 trading year, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, warned crisis is going to spread like wildfire and there will be nowhere to hide. Egon von Greyerz:  “On Friday we had another set of figures which although fake, still shocked the financial world.  Non-farm payroll increased by only 38,000, massively lower than any forecast. But add to that 244,000 fictitious jobs created and 484,000 workers which were forced to go from full time to part time work, then we get to a reduction in full time jobs of 690,000!…

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“Also, the workforce has grown by 21 million since 2007 but the actual number of employed has grown by only 5 million and out of those only 2 million are full time workers. And the quality of the jobs is also declining dramatically. Since 2007, 1.5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost while 1.5 million hospitality workers (waiters, restaurant workers etc) have been added. But because of the idiocy of how the figures are calculated, the unemployment rate went down from 5% to 4.7%. The fact that people capable of working are leaving the labour force in droves is totally ignored. There are now 95 million Americans capable of working who cannot find a job. And for the ones who have a job, average wages have declined since the 1970s. KWN Fitzwilson VI 2:22:2015U.S. Economy Bankrupt These statistics certainly don’t point to an economy which is booming. And the whole world focuses on monthly, manipulated figures such as unemployment. The US economy, as well as that of many other nations, is bankrupt and only has  a temporary stay of execution due to massive money printing and zero or negative interest rates. US federal debt has more than doubled since the crisis started in 2007. Student and auto loans have grown exponentially and are both now above $1 trillion. Corporate profits are falling and most economic statistics are in a downtrend including housing and retail sales.

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Market observers are totally ignoring the real figures and the long term trends, and are instead focusing on what the Fed will do. Most people don’t realize that the Fed can only fool the world for so long. The rate hike in December was totally against economic trends in the US and even more so against the international economic and monetary trends. As more and more countries go to negative rates, it is totally indefensible for the Fed to believe that they can raise rates. There is now $10 trillion of global government debt with negative yield. As I said back in December, the rate hike then was an anomaly and I do not believe that the Fed can increase rates in the next few months or even this year. KWN Pento 1:10:2015Hundreds Of Trillions Of Dollars To Be Printed… World markets are focusing on short term indicators and actions and totally ignoring the desperate situation that the world economy is in. Global debt has grown by over 60% since the crisis started in 2007 and is likely to accelerate at a much faster rate in coming years. Just take US federal debt which is forecast to grow from $19 trillion to $25 trillion in the next nine years. But that is the optimistic forecast and debt could easily increase to $35 trillion. And if the banking crisis flares up again, including a derivatives failure, we could easily be looking at money printing in the hundreds of trillion dollars.

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