These People Are Destroying America and They Need to be Called Out

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show When I look around and see my friends and family, I almost get a sense of normalcy. I drive by my local fire station and the American flag is still flying. I witness police helping elderly motorists with a flat tire. My neighbors are nice and I (temporarily) have some money in the bank. On the surface, it seems like everything is normal. I am constantly reminded of how easy it would be to fall back into being a fat and happy sheep living in the pasture not knowing what lies ahead. It is hard not to be deceived by the thin veil of normalcy which covers the trend curve of unprecedented and tyrannical historical events which loom on the horizon. red-pill-blue-pill-smIt is a red or blue pill kind of thing.  

What I have been describing is a condition called “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. On some level, people with cognitive dissonance really know the truth, but accepting the truth would mean that the person would have to change their thinking and their actions. People who have cognitive dissonance want to maintain the life they have at any cost. It is a selfish and self-destructive act.

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In previous days, most of us in the Independent Media did not chastise those afflicted with cognitive dissonance, we thought that over time, our consistent message would bring you into real world of awareness.  I think we succeeded in making many Americans aware, however, we did not move many from the cognitive dissonance crowd to action, but we accepted it. Well, I am not accepting this any longer. Many Americans know how bad things are but they keep hanging on as long as they can. This is no longer acceptable because you are working against the interests of your country, your family and ultimately your own survival. Totalitarian regimes need a significant degree of cooperation from the citizenry or they will not survive. The cognitive dissonance crowd is comprising a significant amount of that necessary support for tyranny to thrive.

It’s Time to Speak the Truth

The Trump movement, no matter how imperfect, has given the American people something to rally around with regard to fighting back against tyranny. In my estimation, in order to win this political fight, we need the sound of marching feet. We currently have a shell movement but they don’t because of their addiction to their selfish cognitive dissonance. We need depth and volume in our movement and there are people out there who should be joining this movement. Unfortunately, if we as Americans are going to survive, we cannot tolerate the fence sitters, the people who Thomas Paine called the “Sunshine Patriots”. I am calling out the cognitive dissonance crowd for being the cowards that you are. You need to look in the mirror, check your manhood and act accordingly. Most of the cognitive dissonance crowd are sheep. However, I firmly believe that there strong people in this group who could add to the resistance. They just need to rediscover their manhood and become far less selfish. If you make the mistake that the aforementioned is merely a pep talk, please read the following, when Dave Hodges threw off the shackles of cognitive dissonance.

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