Anti-Trump Thugs Lighting The Fuse To Social Chaos

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog Many of you may have been paying attention and have been seeing in the alternative-news (and even in the mainstream) the violent upheavals that are taking place all around the country by ‘anti-Trump’ protestors of the ‘far left’ who are provoking and inflaming ‘the right’ as they kick the hornets nest… This morning after watching several videos of the thuggish behavior during a Trump rally in San Jose last night, I felt angered and compelled to alert you as to what is coming… This is the first time I’ve posted on this specific subject, and it likely will not be the last. Here’s what they’re doing and why I believe this is not going to end well: Sign up for The Daily Coin Newsletter Here! A clash of political ideologies. This time it’s different… This time the violence is not focused towards the government or authority figures (e.g. the-60’s), but it is people against other people. It is seemingly people against other people with traditional American values. The left (apparent Sanders/Hillary supporters) are pro-actively and violently targeting Trump supporters wherever they can and wherever Trump happens to go, and is escalating way beyond just shouting in the streets. It is turning violent and dangerous. It is very, very unmistakably evident that the provokers are the anti-Trump thugs. They are rioters. Over these weeks I have watched numerous videos of these incidents and observed the vast majority appear to be in their 20’s, they are burning American flags, they are beating people up and damaging property. It is escalating. punch-trump-supporter (This is what happens if you’re a Trump supporter or carry an American Flag) I have seen: -Trump supporters getting attacked (physically) -Old people shoved and having their (Trump) hats ripped of their head -People bouncing cars, attempting to flip -Trump supporters beaten over the head until bloody -Blood all over the sidewalks -Thugs in masks and hoodies -Lighting fires -Burning Trump hats, signs -Burning the American flag -Rock throwing -Broken windows -Thugs attacking the police -Verbal diarrhea and countless profanity -Huge mobs And all this is from the anti-Trump crowd. There is a powder keg in this country and my gut tells me it’s going to blow…and once that fire is lit, who’s going to put it out? Can it be put out? Or will it burn until the fuel itself has run out… If you want to see what’s going on for yourself, one way is to simply search on YouTube for ‘Trump Protests’, and there will be a zillion choices to observe what we’re facing. When observing this stuff, I feel like the country is lost. The radical (socialist/communist/marxist) left have successfully indoctrinated our youth (for decades) and we are now witnessing the violent results – which will certainly and without a doubt…get much worse. Get ready folks, this summer is going to be a scorcher… Here are a few incidents from last night in San Jose: Some thug attacking a Patriot: Person wearing Trump shirt getting attacked: Another Trump supporter smacked in the head: And this 18 minute clip: With that said, I’m just saying that my observations are enforcing what my gut is telling me – that the radical left is going to try and ‘blow this thing up’, and when they do, it’s going to get real ugly… When you back a tiger into a corner, watch out… What are your opinions about what’s going on? Is this going to get worse? Is this going to spread beyond the Trump rallies and into the streets in general? Have TPTB successfully implemented ‘divide and conquer’? Will the radical left violence become contagious to more of the left who are watching this unfold (in other words will this encourage more of them to act out?) Sign up for The Daily Coin Newsletter Here!

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