How The Whole Blasted System Will Take Itself Down

from SOTN This revelatory piece may be quite difficult for many to understand.  That’s because of how deeply doership and self-effort are hardwired into the American dream and national psyche.  We always have to be the ones who get the job done.  Most are not aware of the fact of life that unseen forces are always at work that are really responsible for getting the job done successfully.  More than any other nation or society the American people need to wake up to this fact. In the instant case of the completely broken U.S. Federal Government and busted up Federal Reserve System, many still believe erroneously that they will rule forever … if we all don’t do something.  Of course many of us are doing something by simply writing truth and disseminating it.  This is why: “The truth shall set you free.”

The slow-motion demolition of American society is not too unlike 9/11.

Virtually everyone watched the events of 9/11 transpire on TV.  Many saw the Twin Towers demolished in a free-fall collapse in real time.  They were safely out of the way in their own homes and businesses.  There was nothing that they did to trigger those attacks, nor anything that they could do to stop them.  That’s exactly where the American Republic is at this very moment. Very few are aware but 2016 has been identified as the “Year of Changes” –HUGE changes in fact.  The U.S. presidential election has constantly dramatized this ever-evolving dynamic.  No matter what happens this year, things are gonna finally change, as in break out in the open for all to see.  That’s because there are certain points of no return and critical thresholds which have been exceeded. Now that these major trigger points have been sufficiently pushed, the long-awaited changes are literally just a matter of execution. Truly apocalyptic events can never be stopped or prevented from happening in the future. They are preordained to occur as a part of a much larger divine plan.  Now some might say that 9/11 was actually a demonic scheme, and so it was.  However, God often “writes straight with crooked lines”, and so He did with the false flag terror attacks on that fateful day of September 11th of 2001. With this understanding the best way to observe the upcoming events is to view them like 9/11, except on a much larger scale.  What are we really talking about?

“The snake of predatory capitalism always eats it own head.”

The preceding statement is all one has to understand in order to grasp the immediate future of those nations which belong to the Anglo-American Axis of countries (AAA). Both the U.K. and U.S. have been the biggest and longest serving purveyors of predatory capitalism on the planet.  They have enjoyed the fruits of such an inherently destructive political economy over many decades.  The United Kingdom has actually reaped the benefits over centuries as the previous British Empire “upon which the sun never set”. Both nations knew at the outset of their worldwide enterprise that there would come a time when the world would sufficiently transform that it would no longer tolerate such relentless warmongering. They also know that corrupt, corporate, crony capitalism contained the seeds of its own destruction.  And, that when the “Snake” had fully grown, there would be no stopping it from eventually eating it tail, and then its body, and then its head. What the whole world is now witnessing is the snake eating its own head.  The many wars and armed conflicts, financial terrorism and economic sabotage occurring around the globe are a reflection of the BIG BOYs roughing each other up.  There are countless examples of this rapidly intensifying War of the Titans.  The following headlines capture just a few of these battlefields.

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