Gold is “without friends” — Bloomberg

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada Gee, I don’t think I could have put things any better, myself. Just a few weeks ago; the mainstream media was full of “rally” pumpers. Where did they all go? It’s like someone blew a dog-whistle, and summoned them all back to the kennel. It’s hard not to be a little smug, since this is precisely the Script which I have been outlining for the past four months. Take prices up a token amount, call that “a peak” and then precious metals can be taken down hard (like everything else) when the Next Crash is detonated. And don’t be fooled by today’s sudden pop in the price of gold (and to a lesser extent, silver). It’s more of the Script. Why did the price of gold jump today? Because of the “surprisingly bad” U.S. jobs report. Understand how convenient this is, with these BLS reports being just about the most-heavily fictionalized “statistic” produced by the U.S. government. The Fed, and especially Janet Yellen, has been “talking tough” about raising interest rates. Yes, all the way up to 0.50%. :silly:  :silly: Then we get this “surprisingly bad” jobs report from the same Liars who have invented more than 11 MILLION non-existent “jobs” over the past 7 years. They could have written any number they wanted. They were ordered to produce a mediocre number, so that a few days from now, Janet Yellen has an excuse to pull back (yet again) from another pledge to raise to interest rates. Then the day after she doesn’t raise rates, the Liars will go right back to their “tough talk” on raising interest rates, and gold and silver prices will fall — just as we have seen through the last 5+ years of Hostage Markets. :evil:  :evil:  :evil: Precious Metals: Fake-Rally Ends, Hostage Markets Return Silver: First A Dive, Then A Spiral Fed Fraud and Hostage Markets Gold Is ‘Without Friends’ as Investors Await U.S. Jobs Report…monthly-u-s-payrolls Gold volume and volatility fall as metal moves sideways Silver heads for fifth weekly drop, worst run since November

Gold is treading water as investors await U.S. employment data that should give further clues on the timing of an interest-rate increase by the Federal Reserve. After a month of losses to the lowest since February, prices are little changed this week. A gauge of volatility has dropped to a four-month low and the volume of U.S. futures so far this week is the least since the start of the year…

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