Operation Mockingbird: “Counterfeits Showing Up Everywhere!”

by Rory, The Daily Coin This is another prime example of how the CIA infiltrates the media and either writes the article in full or proposes an article and supplies the “evidence” to support the information. If you’re not familiar with Operation Mockingbird you can learn more about it’s origins by reading an article I wrote last year – LINK. I was cruising around looking for the next interesting article when I came across this jewel.

Counterfeit gold and silver coins burning buyers

The first thing that struck me was a bold, standalone statement

Counterfeits Showing up Everywhere

Really? Counterfeits showing up everywhere? I haven’t seen a one, have you? I certainly haven’t purchased any counterfeit coins. Are counterfeit coins bad? Are they 100% fake or did someone get creative and replicate an American Gold Eagle? If it’s .995 or .999 or .9999 gold, I’m good to go. The image is not near as important as the actual gold. Do I want to own a counterfeit coin? Of course not. But I wouldn’t get all bent out shape if a 24k gold bullion was in my stack and the origins were not exactly what was presented. Simply return it to the reputable dealer where I acquired it, exchange it and move on. Here is the image associated with the article Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 5.28.26 PM There are two items meant to train people to stay away from gold. “Counterfeit coins flood USA” – once again, really? Where are this “flood” happening? Is it happening with the reputable dealers we all conduct business with? I don’t think so. The other notable training tool are the words “Don’t waste your money”. These two statements are placed in center and in all caps. How convenient. This is how it’s done. Are you terrified yet? Are you going to stay away from gold and begin questioning the American Gold Eagles you acquired last week? Are you going to contact the dealer where you acquired the coins? If you are not planning on taking any or all of these steps the CIA will be happy to try harder. The goal is keep anyone considering acquiring gold as far away from it as possible.

But before you invest, coin experts are warning you to beware counterfeits that are flooding the market right now. Source

Now the attack moves directly to your wallet – this sparks the emotion and will surely scare the average the average person.

Karoleff says he is seeing this more and more. “The problem is you will invest $1,200 or $1,300 in a worthless piece of metal.”  he said.    

Notice how the dollars are all in bold – that way your eye is directed to the emotional trigger regardless of wether you read the story or not. With gold and silver garnering attention over the past couple of months I am surprised it has taken this long for this type of nonsense to begin showing up. These criminals will stop at nothing to keep you enslaved, strip you of your remaining wealth and then toss you aside like yesterdays news. Stay in the system, stay in debt and keep your mouth shut. And for your on safety – and “for the children”, stay away from gold.

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