Dave Kranzler: Mining the Miners

by Rory, The Daily Coin I sat down with Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics, to discuss the miners and investing in mining stocks. Over the past couple of months I have interviewed CEO’s and other executives with some of the best junior mining companies on the market. Before you turn away answer this one question – how much free gold and silver would you like to add to your stack? That’s right, free physical gold and/or silver. The mining stocks are an investment vehicle that I have taken pride in learning about during the past couple of months as I have been conducting these interviews. It is a paper asset that holds a lot of promise for short term gains. When I say short term I mean less than two years. I am not a financial advisor and, therefore, I am not offering any financial advice. What I am describing is what I am doing. When you surround yourself with knowledgeable, skilled professionals a person can make a lot of money in a very short period time. The goal is to double my current stack of physical metal. The only way I can do this through the use of the markets. Wealthy people didn’t get wealthy by doing nothing. They jumped in, when the time was right, and then they took their profits and reinvested when the time was right. This is exactly my plan. The idea is to buy a handful of extremely undervalued mining stocks. As gold/silver move up in price, the miners will more up in price at greater rate than the metal. As they appreciate in value, I’ll take the profits and roll them into more physical metal.   The potential for my wife and I to retire within the next 2-4 years is very real. With a the appropriate moves at the appropriate time we should be able to do just that. Gold and silver are money, always have been, always will be. What better way to become wealthy than to acquire money? If there is way for me to acquire free money, like the criminal banking cabal has been doing for far too long, then why wouldn’t I want to do that? By acquiring the appropriate junior mining stocks, holding them for a short period, the potential is far greater than any of us can currently imagine. John Rubino stated during our latest show that he had acquired some junior mining stocks when the time was favorable and then sold them when he had doubled his money. He then stated that he could have retired had he “sat tight and been right” for one more year. The stocks he purchased rose from $1.50 per share – he sold at $3.00 per share – and the stock topped out at $40.00 per share. That is retirement wealth. That is the kind of wealth that is handed to the next generation. That is my goal. Give this a good listen, as most you are familiar with Dave Kranzler and his no nonsense approach to interviews and life in general. This is one the things we respect most about him and his work. His analysis has been top shelf for well over a decade and he shares his wisdom and knowledge with you for free. We hope you learn a little something and consider doing your on due-dillengence before the miners begin moving in earnest.

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