Wade Hodges: Gold – The Eureka Moment

by Rory, The Daily Coin It was new technology and the ability of a determined individual that stood before the world and proclaimed that peak oil may not have arrived just yet. The exact thing is happening within the mining industry and the potential for new technology and a new vision in how we search for gold, silver and other mineral deposits, is now at hand. Wade Hodges, Nevada Exploration, has been listening to rocks, and now water, long enough to be directly responsible for the discovery of more than 30 million ounces of gold! You read that right, 30 million ounces of gold as a direct result of Mr. Hodges following the clues as where the gold would be located. He has now developed the next generation research technology to locate even more gold and other minerals. By following chemical trails Mr. Hodges is able to move towards the initial dispersion point where gold may be waiting to be found. This is brilliant in its simplicity; like a “cold case” worker investigating a 20 million year old crime scene! Currently, Nevada Exploration, has five different locations in which they are following the clues and tracing the path to find the gold. The exciting part for most everyone involved in gold is the “eureka moment” when gold is discovered. Remember how excited you were when you acquired first gold coin? Can you imagine how exciting it would be to acquire/discover 3 million ounces?!?! I was taught a great many years ago that people do business with people, not companies. It was true then and it will be true until the end of people or time which ever comes first. Wade is one of those people that is easy to get along, has a great head on his shoulders and has a keen sense of our natural world. It would be awesome to go out on one his expedition to locate the gold!!

You’ve got a choice between two processes. One process being controlled, or trying to be controlled, by a bunch of incomplete, imperfect, fallible human beings. No matter how smart they are they can’t predict the future. Or a process that takes cues from actual information and data. – Wade Hodges

Let’s listen in to Mr. Hodges and learn more about this new technique, new technology and where the next “eureka moment” may occur!


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