After the US Put Bankers and Politicians in Charge

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor Debt in 1913:  About $ 3 billion Debt in 2016:  Over $19,000 billion Nearly 50,000,000 people on SNAP – food stamps.  Many more on welfare and other programs. 1913 cost of a loaf of bread:  6 cents 2016 cost of a loaf of bread:  varies, but call it $2.99   SIGN OF THE TIMES:  Between $7 and $10 trillion in global sovereign debt “yielding” a negative interest rate.  Reminds me of the jumper passing the 40thfloor on the way to the pavement – so far, so good ….   Cost of a visit to a hospital in 2016:  Unbelievable! Obamacare cost increases:  Substantial. Expect more war, debt, taxes, inflation, and craziness …  

But an ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold.  There are many reasons why gold has been money for centuries, and why politicians and bankers do not like gold. 

  Gold thrives, paper dies!

Listen to Tom Cloud’s latest video here.

  Gary Christenson


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